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My 85 year old Mother has had frequent (every month to two)

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My 85 year old Mother has had frequent (every month to two) UTIs. About a year ago she had surgery to try and alleviate this issue...not sure exactly but think it was some sort of mesh. Things went well for about 3 months and then she was back to the same pattern. I should add that she is an obviously retired RN and knows full well when she is starting to come down with another UTI. They are getting progressively more painful and debilitating. My question is...why don't her Docs seem willing to give her a standing prescription for cypro? She is required to bring in a urine sample everytime. No refills. This is hard on her. Thanks for any insight.

Welcome and thank you for your question.

- Does your mother have a prolapse of the bladder or uterus? This will cause frequent UTIs asn well as a mesh for correction. If she d does have a prolapse, has it recurred after after the surgery?

-Has she had a cystoscopy of the bladder?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes she had a prolapse (she had 7 children). I believe that is why she had the mesh put in. She was told that it might not work so I think we may assume it didn't and therefore that she most likely has had another prolapse. I am not positive on the cystoscopy. Would that have been required before the surgery? Can you give me your thoughts on the cypro question I initially asked as well?


Thank you for the additional informaiton.

A bladder prolapse can cause retention of urine since she will be unable to empty her bladder properly. This will be a good breeding ground for bacteria - that is why she keeps getting repeated UTIs.

It is very likely that the prolapse has recurred - that is very likely at her age.

A cystosocpy is not necessary before the surgery. She can have it even now - it will help to identify any cause inside the bladder (other than the prolapse) which could be contributing to the UTI.

She has probably not been given a running script for cipro since the sipro cna cause quite serious side effects in the elderly if taken frequently. Spontaneous tendon rupture and tendinitis can occur in people over the age of 60 years.

i hope this helps.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok thanks. I did not know about the serious side effects. One last question then. If she did have a cystoscopy nothing unusual was seen, what other alternatives might she have? I know what she goes through with these UTIs. They really knock her for a loop. I believe that at 85 years old she would take the chance on the side effects. The problem with having to physically see her Dr everytime is that she suffers for a day sometimes two before she can actually get her hands on the meds. I look forward to your opinion. Thanks so much for your time and I will rate you with a smiley face as soon as you reply.

I really do not think she should take a chance with teh side effects - a tendon rupture would be really cause her a lot of suffering. Since it is the Achilles tendon whihc usually gets ruptured, she owuld not be able to walk easily.

She can stick to more holistic treatments like cranberry juice as soon as she feels a UTI coming on.

Over the counter products like AZO or prodium will help decrease the burning and urgency of urine.

I hope this helps.
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