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What is a great OTC sleeping aid for intercontinental

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What is a great OTC sleeping aid for intercontinental flights? I have found it useful to force myself to sleep as if I were already in the new timezone to overcome jet lag faster. I find that difficult to do though and wanted to try if sleeping aids will help.It has to:
- Be effective given the noise and discomfort of 10+ hours in economy class
- Actually make me feel rested and not hungover when I wake up.
You might benefit to try Benedryl 25 to 50 mg. This may not be as effective as you wish and it also may have a bit of a hangover effect however. It is cheap and OTC however....
Melatonin is an OTC option that you may try. It is available OTC and inexpensive BUT may not be effective enough for you! It would not be expected to cause you any hangover affect however...
I think that with what you really want that your BEST possible options in terms of effect and lack of side effect would be either Ambien or Lunesta. These are only by prescription however. I feel that you would have significant benefit in terms of the desired effect however to go this last route. I would adbvise that you ask your doctor for a presription for one of these as a preferred option. It does have the disadvantage of it being a prescrition and more cost involved but it would be much more likley to give you the desired sleep effect that you desire....
I hope this information is helpful for you!! Let me know if you have further questions or discussion and I will be happy to get back wtih you!!
If my answer has been helpful and to your satisfaction then please remember to leave positive feedback That would be very much appreciated!! Thank You and Best regards!! I hope that you have a safe and enjoyable trip!
Anthony Bray MD
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Isn't benedryl also used for allergy medications?Thanks for the great answer. Just a quick question though. How does the effectiveness of each of the proposed four meds differ, e.g. what to expect - like will make me goto sleep no matter what, will make me just a little tired, etc.
Hello again,
Yes you are right >> Benedryl is an antihistaqmine and its most common use is for allergies. It may als be used as a sleep air however. It is more effective in some people than others. If you have time before your upcoming flight then you might try this and see how it does for you... with a typical M-F work week a Saturday night would be a good time to try....
I hope this helps! Let me know if you have further questions!! Take Care!!
Anthony Bray MD
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
it does help. could you elaborate a bit on the effectiveness question from my previous response?
Hello agin,
Sure >> Lunesta or Ambien would be a 8 to 9 out of possible 10....
Benedryl 50 mg would be roughly a 6 to 7... with more hangover potential
Benedryl 25mg would be roughly a 4 to 6 / out of possible 10 (varies with different individuals >> some much more susceptible than others) lower dose would have significantly less hangover effect expected....
Melatonin would be roughly a 4 to 5 / out of posible 10... here again it varies according to the individual... effective in soem but not others. Low hagover effect however....
Ambien has short halflife > 4 hours... Lunesta a bit longer about 6 hours...
I hope thishelps. Let me know if I may be of further help!! Best regards,
Anthony Bray MD
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