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I had a bunion removed on my right foot 12/5/12. During

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I had a bunion removed on my right foot 12/5/12. During 2/18/13 the bunion returned and the doctor stated that he had not seen anything like it in 40 years. During the month of March, 2013 a small hard knot appears on top of the right foot where the bunion is. It hurt to wear a shoe. The doctor took xrays, he stated that it didn't show anything and he does not know what to do. At times I have shoting pain on the side of the bunion. What can I do? Thanks,
welcome and thank you for your question.
Did the doctor take an ray of your foot in March? If so, what does the report say?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

When he took an xray in March it showed that the big toe bone was wrost than before he did the surgery. Those are his words. He did not understand what had happen. He was clueless. At this point I do not know what to do either.

I ma afraid that bunions can recur quite frequently.
I am afraid that you have no option but to get another surgery. But you can also try orthotics - these are special shoes or shoe fittings which can help prevent pressure on the bunion, support the foot and prevent pain.
Wearing bunion support socks also help support the toes in the correct position.
Applying ice packs and taking painkiller will help decrease the pain and inflammation.
I hope this helps.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I do understand the fact that bunions can reappear, however, my main concern is the hard knot that appeared on top of the bone, which is causing the pain.

The hard knot is due to inflammation of a swollen bursal sac of the joint. The bursa is a sac containing fluid which is normally present in all joints. It can also be due to a bone anomaly which frequently occurs on top of a bunion. The xray should be able to identify what it is.
Please consult your doctor again or take a second opinion from another orthopedic surgeon.
I hope this helps.
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