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About 7 months ago I had severe pain along bottom edge of

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About 7 months ago I had severe pain along bottom edge of lower rib in front on right side . I could not even lay on that side , and I had a real hard time breathing , like gasping for air but not short winded going up stairs or exercise bike. It was real extreme for 5 to 6 wks. Then it started letting up slowly. Then it would almost seem like it was gone ,breathing was normal down to a dull ache. But after a few days or a week it would come back . It's been doing that.for the last 5
months or so . When it come back it not.near as bad and seems to get better just won't go away. It's.didn' cough or sneeze just certain movements seen to irritate it and bring it back. Thereis a tender spot along bottom edge of rib cage before straight down fron nipple. It feels like it is right under the skin .like a muscle .or could it be nerve damage. I have had neuralgia problems for 15 yrs in the upper right part of my body.
Welcome and thank you for your question.
Do you have any back pain?
Does the pain increase when you bend your body side to side? Or when you raise your arm?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no back pain nopain when i raise my arm. certain movements seem to irritate it sometimes , twisting fast maybe. if i take easy i can keep it at bay . but when its irritated i have problems breathing but near like it was, but it does not hurt to breath

Thank you for the additional information.
Your symptoms suggest that you oculd have developed costochondritis . This is a condition in which there is s welling and inflammation of the cartilage which attaches the rib bones to the breastbones. The breast bone is broader on its lower part and the pain will be on a line deawn down from the nipple.
Costochondritis usually clears up spontaneously. But sometimes it may linger for months.
The main treatment is with rest, stretching exercises and painkillers. Drugs like gabapentin or amitriptylline may also help. But if it lingers, steroid injections may be needed.
I hope this helps.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

could this effect only one spot on rib cage along bottom of lower rib and be sore to the touch at times,and would it cause breathing difficulties that come and go with the pain

it would. Costochondritis can cause inflammation and pain along only one point in the costochondral junction which would be painful to the touch. And yes, it would cause breathing difficulties associated with the pain.
I hope this helps.