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Anthony Bray, MD
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I have had chest pains for almost a week. At first I thought

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I have had chest pains for almost a week. At first I thought it was anxiety, or stress. I took aspirin, laid down and rested. The pain is only getting worse. The only symptoms I have are chest pain and shortness of breath. My pulse is fine. My BP is a little high. I did go to the Emergency Room. The doctor ordered an EKG and an XRay. Both came back normal. He told me he thinks its swelling of the muscles around the rib cage and put me on a diet of Ibuprofen for six days. He told me if its not better in 6 days to come back. Well its only getting worse. Last night I couldn't sleep because of the discomfort. I don't want to waste anybodys time. Should I be concerned if the EKG and XRay show no signs of anything to be concerned about? I don't know if I should wait the six days or go back in.
Anthony Bray MD : Hello!!
Anthony Bray MD : what part of the chest hurts--if you can tell a difference such near the sternum or left or right side....
Anthony Bray MD : does it hurt to take a deep breath??
Anthony Bray MD : Does it hurt to press along the sternum ( just down each side??)
JACUSTOMER-gmmqp2vh- :

It seems like the center of my sternum

JACUSTOMER-gmmqp2vh- :

and towards my heart

JACUSTOMER-gmmqp2vh- :

it doesn't hurt to take a deep breath but it feels hard to take a deep breath

JACUSTOMER-gmmqp2vh- :

its more like pressure then pain

JACUSTOMER-gmmqp2vh- :

it feels like something is sitting on my sternum.

Anthony Bray MD : Your age would suggest a very LOW probability of coronary artery disease....spasms of the coronary arteries ---Prinzmetal's angina-- is a potential cause of heart related pain as a potential cause that could affect your age group--- this not extremely common but we do see cases....
JACUSTOMER-gmmqp2vh- :

My grandmother suffered a massive CVA when she was 30, so thats what worries me

JACUSTOMER-gmmqp2vh- :

She had chest pains and headaches and went to a doctor and they found nothing in the scans and a week later she was comatose

Anthony Bray MD : the normal EKG would be helpful to rule out coronary artery disease but not conclusive in this by itself...
JACUSTOMER-gmmqp2vh- :

How do you diagnose Prinzmetal's Angina?

JACUSTOMER-gmmqp2vh- :

And should I seek a specific kind of doctor to go to again? The last doctor I saw didn't seem to think much of what I was saying.

Anthony Bray MD : the normal heart rate would make it unlikely that your cause would be due to a pulmonary embolism( blood clot to lung) this cause usually has sumptoms of sever chest or back pain and increased respiratory rate and increased heart rate and some EKG changes...
JACUSTOMER-gmmqp2vh- :

He told me its like the kind of thing you get after pneumonia or bronchitis when you've coughed too much, then your chest walls will be inflamed and sore. But I've had URI alot and this doesn't feel like that

JACUSTOMER-gmmqp2vh- :

thats good to know :)

JACUSTOMER-gmmqp2vh- :

So should I try this Ibuprofen thing and then go back in if it doesn't get better?

Anthony Bray MD : OK it sounds that you may have pleuritis as a possible cause as this is inflammation between the lung and chest wall.. This typically hurts to take a deep breath....this is a cause due to inflammation due to a respiratory infection ( viral or bacterial can cause ) the normal chest X-ray would rule out pneumonia as a possible cause....
JACUSTOMER-gmmqp2vh- :

wouldn't there be other symptoms if it was a Respiratory Infection?

Anthony Bray MD : Yes I think try the ibuprofen 600 to 800 mg/8 hour intervals....or Aleve 2 tabs every 12 hours...
JACUSTOMER-gmmqp2vh- :

okay. I just wanted a 2nd opinion because I didn't really get a chance to ask the first doctor anything. I got a nurse with discharge papers who didn't even read them to me. So I was really uncomfortable.

JACUSTOMER-gmmqp2vh- :

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me.

Anthony Bray MD : this would help either costochondrotis. ( inflammation of the cartilage between the sternum and ribs in the anterior chest OR would help with priorities too....
JACUSTOMER-gmmqp2vh- :

that word is on my discharge papers

Anthony Bray MD : You are very welcomr
Anthony Bray MD : leteel omelet me know if you have further questions!
Anthony Bray MD : i will be happy to get back with you ....
JACUSTOMER-gmmqp2vh- :

Thank you, ***** ***** Have a great evening.

Anthony Bray MD : costochondrotis typically gradually settles down over a few hang in there!!!
Anthony Bray MD : I hope that this has been helpful for you!
JACUSTOMER-gmmqp2vh- :

it has been very helpful.

Anthony Bray MD : If my answer has been helpful and to your satisfaction then please remember to leave positive feedback! That would be very much appreciated! Thank you and best regards !
Anthony Bray MD : Anthony Bray MD
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