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Dr. Rick, MD
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I take celexa daily and klonopin as needed for

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I take celexa daily and klonopin as needed for panic/anxiety. I've talked with my pharmacist about drug interactions with celexa, but I am curious about the klonopin. I have a bottle of 5 mg oxycodone from a previous injury (pure, not cut with acetaminophen) that has not yet expired, and I recently hurt my knee somewhat badly. I have taken a couple of the oxycodone for the pain because it seems nothing else works (I've tried Advil, I stray away from Tylenol), but it tends to make me a bit anxious for some reason. Is it dangerous to take one of my klonopin to take the edge off from the oxycodone? I know they're both relaxants, but they are low doses (klonopin .5 mg). Can you advise me on what the best thing to do would be?
I am online and happy to help you with your question today.
Using these two medications may increase the amount of drowsiness and might cause some minor dizziness and impair your thinking (like having a couple of alcoholic drinks) but other then that you should be OK.
Just don't drive a car etc until you know how the combination affects you.
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Thanks in advance,
Dr. Rick MD FACS
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I was warned about cns depression from mixing the two. It sounds to me like that is not a major concern to you? Because they are low doses (5mg oxy and .5 klonopin) I am guessing it's really no big deal. Can they be taken at the same time so that the anxiousness from the oxycodone doesn't start, or is it safer to wait a bit before taking the klonopin?
That is correct. I really don't think in your case that is a big concern.
You should be OK to take both of the tables at the same time.
I hope your knee feels better soon :)
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you for your information. I would normally leave a larger tip, but I am very broke at the moment. You've been very helpful, and I will inevitably use you again in the future and be able to tip you more.
You are very kind and It would be an honor to help you again...tip or no tip :)