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Small lump inside my left nostril.

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Hi, I have a small lump inside my left nostril. It is right near the opening, closer to the "middle". It is hard to see due to the hairs but it is fleshy and not painful. It began sort of neutral but now it's a tad bigger and perhaps a bit red in the center, but still very hard to see. It seems to get slightly smaller and harder with neoporin, but I heard not to use that in the nostril.
I just want to make sure this is not cancer! I have had for a few weeks. I do get sinusitis and allergies sometimes. I've also tried nasal spray but only a few times. The lump as I mentioned is somewhat fleshy and soft, and I suppose "moveable", not rock hard.


As you have sinus issues so possibly it could be due to simple causes like swellings of the glands inside the nose.

As if the ducts of the glands get blocked. The secretions collect inside and in time, there may be scarring and the secretions thicken to form lumps.

Other possible causes of the lump may include:

* Nasal polyp

* Recurrent bacterial infection in the nose known as furunculitis.

* It could be a benign growth in the cartilage such as a chondroma.

* Hypertrophy or increase in size of the turbinate of the nose.

Rarely rarely would anything be cancer here.

As you are suffering from last few weeks and now it is getting bigger in size then consult an ENT specialist for an examination for further evaluation and management.

I hope this helps.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you! So a polyp or chondroma would rarely be cancer? Would it be a treatable cancer if that's the case?

Thanks for the follow-up.

Firstly i want to assure you that chances of cancer are very less.

And In case of polyp, chondroma, cancer further surgical excision may be required.

So consult an ENT specialist for an examination for further evaluation and management.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Great, thank you! I can sleep well tonight!

You are most welcome.