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My doctor is asking me to do stool pancreatic elastase test.

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My doctor is asking me to do stool pancreatic elastase test. Is this for pancreatitis? What is pancreatic insufficiency? Can it the cause of my IBS-like symptoms? If so, how can it be treated? Any home remedies and/or OTC meds? For your information, I have been suffering IBS-D like symptoms for over 8 years. Multiple tests did not reveal anything. Waiting for biopsies now. But the doctor's nurse called me today and asked me to do another stool test (mentioned above). Can these symptoms be prevented by taking pancreatic enzymes? or what else can I do? Also, can diuretics damage my pancreas? Because I took triamterene for some time for my tinnitus. 

The stool test for Pancreatic Elastase 1 is diagnostic for pancreatic insufficiency.It is a noninvasive test with normal values over 200microgram/gm of PE1 in stool,values between 100-200 suggest mild pancreratic insufficiency while values below 100 microgram confirm severe pancreatic insufficiency.Shortened gut giving rise to steatorrhea may also give lowered values.The diuretic Triameterene doe not cause pancreatic damage ,it is known to cause diarrhea,muscle cramps and solar sensitivity of the skin. If the stool PPE 1 test shows pancreatic insufficiency,oral replacement of pancreatic enzyme with meals will usually help control the symptoms.

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