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I am on Lamictin(100g) and Lilly Fluoxitine and my husband

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I am on Lamictin(100g) and Lilly Fluoxitine and my husband and I are thinking about having children now. How long after I stop taking the medication is it safe to become pregnant? I know that the half life of Lilly Fluoxitine is 4-6 days. Does that mean I have to wait at approximately 20-30 days before considering becoming pregnant?
112459 : Hi. The best thing to do is look look at the insert that came with your prescription and find the part referring to pregnancy classification. Or you can ask your pharmacist about this. This classification divides drug safety during pregnancy into 5 claszes: A , B, C, D and X. Class A refers to the drugs which are safest meaning they do not cause side effects whereas c means we don't know for sure, class d means it has been shown to cause birth defects and x means under no circumstances should you be on the drug. There is also another classification for nursing your infant. You should also talk to your neurologist about the safety of stopping your seizure. Medication now before you decide to try to become pregnant.

Please read my question carefully before answering. I already know the classification of Lamictin and Lilly Fluoxitine is C and B,respectively. I do not have epilepsy, I have bipolar which any medical professional should be able to deduce with this combination of medicine. I am not wondering whether to stop using the medication, I have already stopped using it and would like to know how long these respective medicine remain in your system before there are no traces left.


Please make my question available to someone else.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Relist: Inaccurate answer.
The person did not even answer the question I asked, but gave me an answer to a completely different question.
Hi, I'm sorry I didn't answer your question exactly as you wanted - I was on my cell phone so part of your question got cut off. These medications leave your body within several days to a week after stopping them, but this also depends upon a person's weight. I hope this information helps. I'll know not to use my cell phone in the future to answer these questions.
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