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Vakul Aren
Vakul Aren, Doctor
Category: Medical
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Can i get your opinion on this......... does this look like

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hello doctors
can i get your opinion on this......... does this look like any std? does it looks like something?
what are your thoughts? .... the area was shaved 24 hours PRIOR to the photo.... but the bumps did not come up immediately. they came up a few hours later when i woke up. it was only MILDLY itchy for a few hours (5-6), then the itching went away.
let me know your thoughts thanks
This appears to be Folliculitis,infection of the hair follicles due to bacterial infection.This has occurred due to shaving of the area and will probably respond to local Mupicorin ointment or oral antibiotics.Your PCP/doctor/dermatologist will be able to guide you regarding this.Sometimes this occurs due to friction of clothes at the freshly shaved site,may be due to fungal infections if there was preexisting infection in the area .Cleaning the area thoroughly before shaving,using loose clothing will help.This can also occur due to moist and hot conditions produced due to sweating,keeping the area dry will help.
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This does not appear to be a STD,especially since it occurred after shaving. Folliculitis following shaving is well known,the usual pathogen is staph.