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Do you know what Dr. Levine uses when sclerosing? My

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Do you know what Dr. Levine uses when sclerosing? My research shows that Polidocanol may have the least occurence of pain and most likelihood of success on the first attempt where doxycillin and alcohol appear more likely to cause pain and may take numerous procedures. Excuse the spelling and grammar. How is he able to get Polidocanol? They use it in vein clinics but it hasn't been approved for other uses according to my research. I can't tell what the best amt is to inject, it appears that 2-4 ML may be appropriate but I am not sure that there is enough research. Do they add a numbing agent to the mixture when injecting?



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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

if you have any answers from a certified urologist then answer, if not then cancell thanks


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hello from JA
Dr. Levine?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

What info do you need?

We would not know who doctor levine is

What procedure exactly are you going to have done?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sclerotherapy for a hydrocele using Doxyciillin (sp)

I do not want to have surgery as Aspiration with Sclerosing agent is very effective. Where can I get the procedure done in US or otherwise using Polidocnol (Asclera)

Any urologist would have a choice of agents
Where are you exactly?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Chicago, IL I am told that Polidocanol isn't approved for treatments other than vericose veins but doctors prescribe medications for symptoms off label often. Are you aware of the effectiveness or lack thereof for sclerotherapy in hydroceles? Doxycillin and Alcohol seem to cause pain in research studies I have seen , whereas Polidocanol seems more effective with less incidence of pain.

Do you know anywhere in the worlld I can get the procedure done with Polidocanol other than Egypt, Morocco or Japan?

I can't get a dr. on the phone in Canada or Mexico

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Hi. I noticed that your expert has opted out and is no longer available to assist you.
I have researched your issue and found that the Urology Department at The Mayo Clinic offers a broad choice of sclerotherapy agents for the treatment of hydrocele, including polidocanol. The doctors at The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota have also been actively involved in research using polidocanol in this fashion. I am sure they can assist you. Here is their contact information:
Is there anything else you would like to discuss at this point or have all your questions been answered to your satisfaction?
I hope this information was helpful for you. But I do work for tips so I want to make sure you are happy with me before rating me. If you have another question on this or a related issue feel free to fire away. And please let me know if the rating system gives you any troubles.
Thanks in advance,
Dr. Rick MD FACS
Dr. Rick, MD, Board Certified MD
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 11417
Experience: 20+ years as a doctor. Internal Medicine Internship in NYC
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