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I got bitten by a cat today on the underside of my little

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Hello, I got bitten by a cat today on the underside of my little finger it was a very deep bite and I washed it out immediately with Chlorhexidine and water and betadine and I also took an Amoxyclav 500mg tablet 10 minutes after it happened and another one 8 hrs later and now tonight it is extremely swollen and I can't bend it at all, it isn't really that red just very swollen does this mean it is infected? I haven't been to the doctor. I had a tetnus shot 3 years ago.
Dear customer,

Was it a street cat or pet cat?
how many doses of amoxy-clav did you take?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It was a pet cat which was a bit feral.... and I took 2 amoxyclav in total. One 10 minutes after it happened and one 8 hrs later which was an hour ago

Dear customer,

The cat harbours many bacteria in mouth and cat bite should be treated with suitable antibiotics like augmentin, levoflox to be taken for 5-7 days duration in appropriate doses till the wound heals completely.

The iv antibiotics may be required in some cases when the bite is severe and wound is not healing.You may also take anti-inflammatory drugs like motrin, advil to control the pain and swelling.

The anti-rabies vaccine is advised if the cat is not immunised against rabies and if the animal is suspected of having rabies.

Let me know if need any more information.

Thank you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Okay so what are the chances of it being infected right now after taking antibiotics straight away? Just wondering why it is so swollen? I'm just a bit nervous about waiting until tomorrow to get it checked out.....and we don't have rabies here in Australia
Dear customer,

The swelling and pain is likely to be due to the inflammation which is caused by the injury to the finger by cat's bite.It is the body's response to the injury.

You may take additional anti-inflammatory drugs as well like motrin & advil to control your pain and swelling.

If you continue to take antibiotics and complete the complete course then the chances of it getting infection will be minimised.

Thank you
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