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I meet My New Doctor At Her Office, Had A Serious

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I meet My New Doctor At Her Office , Had A Serious Attrection , 15 Day Later I Say Her Again Still Flotting , I told Her How I Felt Even Sent Her A Letter , How Do I Make A Move Even If I Don't Have A Appontament , she mention from shis i'll receive a e-mail for my next appoinment .Do I Send Another Letter ..Need Help On This

Are you trying to start a romantic or sexual relationship with your doctor?

What did you specifically tell the doctor about your attraction / interest in her?

How did she respond?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I would be Interested in a friendship ..and if that goes well it could lead to a Romantic , even marriage I would like to get to spent time with her- Opera , tennis , movies walking and see how it goes ..My focus is not sex , she special In my eyes and She is a women of subtance , I mention to my doctor that the first time I say her I felt something , Putting My hand over my Heart . I mention it take courage beening a Man , I told her I had a problem and that maybe she could write me a scrip , I ask her how long has it been since my last appt ? she answer me 15day .I said that is to long not seeing you . is there anything we can do about that ?

she was taken back for sure , But she was very Kind In her responce really Not saying much . I ask her to look at me and I Look into her beautiful eyes , she looked away 2 times , and I said that to her , her responce was Is this a stare down ? I also said to her she look nice and her hair look very nice , her responce was I did it just for you .

than I left her office , When I got home I wrote her a short letter , because I wanted to show my sentive side and to be sure she was not offended , since i did come on to her because There was some tension that arose when we spoke .

I wrote :

Hope you receive this note In gladness.

I hope you did not take offence when I got to close to you , I was glad you did not supress your feeling In that regard.

when I said to you Its been 10 years since i;ve these beautiful feeling

have rise -up in me toward a young lady that was true

I was standing there and got lost looking into your beautiful eyes , and what I felt the first time i saw you was just happening all over again , you don't know this but I've been floating since I first law my eyes on you . For shore it was not a stare down as you said

For me it was the best moment of my day

Marsha . you have no Idea what I see .

where In the world would I have had a opportunity to say what was on my mind , on a operating table . LOL

I really needed to hear myself express my deep Inner emotion toward you and for you to hear what was on my mind

I just writing to kind of clear the air , Gee we will see each other again

you are my Doctor First !

who know what life has to offer !

the seed has been planted

Blessing to you

Maximino XXXXX

It is violation of medical ethics and Board of Medicine regulations to become involved sexually/romatically with a patient.

This woman would be risking her medical license if you were to develop a relationship with her. This is a dangerous path to pursue. While you may have a strong attraction, you really should not place her professional career at risk. If you do want to pursue a "friendship", "romatic relationship" etc, you really need to terminate the doctor-patient relationship at wait an extended period of time (it varies by state, but in many states it is at least 2 years) before you have any more contact with her.
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