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I live in ND, I am 50 year old female, who has a mother and

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I live in ND, I am 50 year old female, who has a mother and sisters that have suffered from migraines all their life. I started having the at 40. But only, one or two a year until I moved here. Now I'm have 6-9 a month and end up in the Er because I get to the point wherein throwing up all the time, when it gets the bile. i haveto go get a I am now being seen neurologist told me at he was convinced there is some hear in this area that is he doesn't now what is, if it is the flooding we had last year, or pesticides they spaying the files or if it from a train special or something and AFB..I also know 8 other women and 4 that work at hospital and said they never had, them untill they came here, so are Col wives that work at the base. That are in the same boat. I spent 12 hrs at the only hospital here they did blood, work I had been in the bed since last Sat in the bed in fetal position and could not stop vomiting. I went to the hospital on Sunday and really ,nasty doctor.turned me down and did not examine me, screamed at me and my husband in a open hospital with people looking and throwing up in a bucket and a nurse holding aide on my neck trying stop the vomiting. This nasty Dr ***** ***** did not see me or treat me. He said I had chroni migraines and my neurlogist could do it and it was 9at night. I also havev prolong qt syndrome and could not keep my heart medicine down and blood pressure was 170/148 and I don't have nor have I ever taking medications with narcotics. I'm in law enforcent for 22 years and saw what drugs do to peopl. Any wat, my husband came home and found me in bed and he carried me to the hospital,where I had a cardiac event because I could not keep cook, my heart medication down for 5 days. t the hospital today they could not find a vein to put an Iv in cause my arms were so dehydrated ... The then told me I tested positive for meth. And then I was furious, I have never seen meth, no even seen anybody on it except on tv. They say I did and none of the medsthey have been giving me like nasal spays, NyQuil or my beta block or I'm furious, I HAVE NEVER taking in illegal drugs or anything else. I don't even drink. It is impossible that I had meth in my system .. I ve never seen. It the gave Tylenol this tine and last and phergran and fluids. Is there any othe meds that can make you test positive for methamphetamine . Please tell me how to fight this and prove it is a false positive. They said they ask the lab and that there r no false positives. The docks told me if was ok, just to forget it. And I feel like they are question my character , integrity and honesty. We have to be drug test a work at random times. And I have never come up positive on nothing, and they had to a catheratzion to got the urine, I was so dehydrated. What options do I have. The doctors said to not worry it. I do because , I have never tested positive before, for nothing, can any other over the counter or nasal, or NyQuil cause this.i feel they are calling me a liar. Thanks for reading this please help if you can .. Me and my husband and the hospital has notes where I have told them not to give me pain killers to take home, I won't take them. They promise they wouldn't. But something is differently wron
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Thank you for your question:

I see that the other expert has not replied to your most recent post. The type of drug tests done in ER's rely on immunoassay technology. This technology is inexpensive and fast - giving results that may be helpful in treating patients who have overdosed or are unable to give a complete history. Unfortunately, there are problems with this technology giving false positives from use of many medications including common over-the-counter decongestants.

These tests are considered PRELIMINARY screening test, and should NOT be considered positive without confirmation of the same specimen with GC/MS technology.
Family Physician, Doctor
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 12816
Experience: Emergency Medicine and Family Practice for over 26 years
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you for answering my question. I have really been very upset by this accusation and I have never done an illegal drug in my life. I've never seen methamphetamine, I don't know what it looks like or what people use it for. But,to be accused of something, that I didn't even know what it was. I felt as if my character, and integrity were being question and I could not figure out, how I could test positive for this. I made them do the test over and they said it should the same thing. And I had been battling a terrible cold and cough and my PCM put me on Nasonex, and Allegra and I took sudafed during the day time to be able to do things without being sleepy and took NyQuil at night to sleep. But, they refused to talk about it, just said not to worry about it. So, if I am reading what you wrote correctly, that this could have been caused by the cold and allergy medications. I had giving a urine sample two weeks earlier and there was nothing. Until I took this cold medication. So, the test they do at an ER which they said were very effective,and took an hour to retest another sample of urine. I just can't stand the thought of someone accusing me of something, I have never done. I was looking today for a polygrapher, and was going pay to take a polygraph to prove this is not true. I am very upset. Thank you for your answer .... And you are saying it could have shown up positive because of the cold medicines.i looked online and it looks like that it happens a lot. The two doctors just blew it off and acted like it was not a big deal. But, I asked them how would they feel if someone accused them of this test is not reliable? And the cold medicines wld cause it? I just want tangible prove that there is a reason for this. I am scared to go to this hospital now. Because of this and I know two more women that were accused of the same thing and have never done methamphetamine. And they refuse to go to this hospital again. Any other information you could give me would help me immensely. This has, had me sick and in tears for two days. Than you and thank you for reading this and anything else you can reply about it.
Thank you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you for answering my question, this has caused me great pain, and I could not figure out how this could happen and I have never done any illegal drugs and won't even take pain meds for my migraines. I have seen through the years in my career what drugs do to people and I would never do this. I am afraid to go back to this hospital for anything ever again. This has taking it's toll on me. I just had to know how this could happen. So if I am reading your answer correctly,you are saying that this test is unreliable, that ER's don't use this GC/MS technology. So they would have to send the urine to another lab somewhere besides the hospital to be tested for it to be reliable. I just wanted an answer from an expert, that could tell me how this could happen. And I could have tangible prove, a way to prove, I did not take anything illegal. And this wld not be put in my records at the hospital.and if it was, I could make them do it over and find out what I needed to ask them to do to prove I had done nothing wrong. There is only one hospital here and I will never go back. 4 days before this drug testing thing came up, I had talked to theChief of Staff and filed a complaint on another one of their doctors and there is an open investigation going on and I thought they may have done something to the test out of being mad for me filing a complaint. Thanks again for your answer and professionalism. And for helping me feel better and prove that I have done nothing wrong.
the Sudafed could cause this false positive. Even on a repeat test (using the same technology), you can get these false "preliminary" positive tests. The only way to get a true definitive positive or negative would be for the specimen to be sent to a large laboratory that can do GC/MS confirmation. This type of testing is not subject to the false positive problem.