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I have been asked to paricipate in a trial for Zoledronate.I

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I have been asked to paricipate in a trial for Zoledronate.I have multiple medical conditions including RA & fibromyalgia 7 3 yrs ago kidney removed cancer. I also have BP issues & cirrohsis. Should I participate in this trial?
Thank you for your question:

Who asked you to participate in the trial?

Have you been given information about the specifics of the trial?

Did anyone review the consent documents with you?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Medical Facility of Auckland University NZ

very little info given - just a request to participate

Have not seen consent papers yet


Without access to your complete medical history, a full physical examination, and testing followed by an "informed consent" - discussion of the potential risks and benefits to you from your participation - it is not really possible to give you specific advice about this decision.

However, I will give you some important things to consider:

This medication is currently available (it is not an "experimental" medication), so you could get the medication without participation in the clinical trial.

Depending on the particular type of trial and reason for the trial, you could end up not actually getting this drug. In some clinical trials (double blind placebo controlled trials), a portion of the participants (usually 1/2) are actually NOT on the medication being tested. These participants act as the "control" group to which the active medication is compared.

Any medication has both potential risk and potential benefits. You need to review these risk along with any other risks that may be involved (testing etc) before making the decision.

Finally - DO NOT let yourself get pressured into a decision - take your time making the decision and do not enter a clinical trial because someone is pressuring to do what they want you to do. Make your own decision after reviewing the documents.
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