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Vakul Aren
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Hi I already reponded to the last email questions for a report

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I already reponded to the last email questions for a report from my previous interaction,but since it was all par for the course & nothingnew was discussed as a p[ossibility ,so the informationwas the same as I already had but my Throat is still buring & sore so looks like I need to go see the local DR again . I cannot think the way this fels that a ENT specialist will do any better as there has to be somehting else happening. It is a weird feeling,never had it before ,feel like I had just drunk somehting too hot ,but that was not so ,& now after nearly two months it is no better & seems even funnier & more weird , just like a sore throat coming on but does not affect my voice, or swallowing food , just more uncomfortable than painful & chnages around the walls of the troat,sometimes eases off & sometimes feel real dragging on the energy & chect, but can walk & no problem with breathing or otherwise.--still the last answer only mentioned the obvious because I came in to get something different that my Dr's missed but all the same suggestions

Ruling out the following will help- a Peritonsillar abscess. Infectious Mononucleosis or Epstien Barr Virus(EBV) infection. Strep sore throat infection. Chronic Allergy which may be secondary to drugs/environment/animal dander/pollen/smoke/food allergy/milk allergy/chemical sprays /tobacco. Laryngopharyngeal Reflux disease. Very dry air /atmosphere,very cold weather.. Snoring or Sleep Apnoea may also cause such problems Chronic sinusitis.

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