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I suffer from insomnia and anxiety. my doctor gave me

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i suffer from insomnia and anxiety. my doctor gave me lexapro. i took it 2.5 mg of it a couple weeks ago in the morning and felt awful all day and stopped taking it. I decided to try it before bed and i hardly slept at all. now i am thinking of going off it again and just try getting my sleep with lunesta and occasional xanax. Is it safe to stop again after 1 dose?
Lunesta or Eszoplicone is a hypnotic drug which is effective in insomnia.The Lexapro or escitalopram is a drug used primarily in treating depression and anxiety .How often are you taking the xanax and in what dose?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

.25 as needed. usually in the evening.

Xanax is a short acting benzodiazepine with a addiction potential which is usually not advised for continuous use for more than 7-10 days.Patients tend to develop dependence and tolerance with such drugs.A similar effect is seen with Lunesta/Eszoplicone which is also advised not to be taken regularly.It can be taken a couple of times a week/ or irregularly but should not be used continuously.The use of Clonazepam or lorazepam which are longer acting drugs with a sedation potential has been accepted in case of anxiety along with SSRI's like Venlafaxine/Sertaline or duoloxetine.The Clonazepam or lorazepam are helpful in allaying anxiety and inducing sleep for a couple of weeks till the full effect ofthe antidepressants kick in fully.Your PCP/Physician can guide you further.Use of the atypical antidepressant Trazodone ,which also works as a hypnotic due to its sedative effect,has been found effective in anxiety and stress.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

what is usually the best time of day to take the lexapro?

Lunesta/Eszoplicone can be taken off and on for the insomnia.For the anxiety ,it would be better to avoid benzodiazepines and rely on antidepressants which have less tolerance and dependence in the long term.These drugs like the SSRI's are effective along with counselling in management of anxiety disorders.
If you are not comfortable with the Lexapro,you may request your PCP/Physician to try a different SSRI which causes less problems.The good time would be in the morning after food.If you feel uncomfortable with it,you can also take it after dinner in the evening,you must ensure you take it at the same time everyday for it to be effective.
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