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I have taken vit D and Folic acid for a month and half and

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I have taken vit D and Folic acid for a month and half and have severe vomiting one evening and diarrhea for a few days now I have stopped taking the vit D now am I at any risk?
Excessive intake of vitamin D has been associated with side effects.The intake of vitamin D supplements can cause toxicity if they exceed the recommended intake levels.Vitamins like Vitamin D should be taken under medical supervision.The symptoms of overdose include anorexia,diarrhea,nausea,vomiting,headache,bone pain,muscle weakness, frequent urination,irregular heartbeats,drowsiness and itching.Kidney diseases like kidney stones/elevated calcium levels/in urine/elevated blood pressure may occur if increased doses are taken over a period of time.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I have stopped taking the vit D but the diarrhea has not yet stopped do I need to see a doctor immediately or can I wait a few days
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I need to know if I need help or if by stopping the Vit D I will be ok on a few days? I still have the diarrhea
Hello from JA

I am Dr. Thomas, MD, board certified in internal medicine and integrative medicine, so I cover a lot of ground and will be happy to help you with your question. We can correspond back and forth as needed.

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First I need to know how much vitamin D you were taking.
If it was a normal dose, this is not shy you are having problems.
Even 5000 iu a day generally would not cause problems.

What dose?

I am sorry I had to go off the computer for a emergency at the hospital.The diarrhea and nausea may be totally unrelated to the vitamin D intake and may be secondary to a viral or a bacterial infection.It would be prudent to consult a doctor if the diarrhea is severe or persistent.This is more probable since you would not have not been taking very high doses of Vitamin D, further 6 weeks or one and half months do not constitute a long time. Going off the vitamin D is probably not required,and would not be necessary.The recommended daily allowance for adults would be 600 IU for adults and upto 80 IUin patients over 60 years of age.

You need to see a doctor who can examine you and do tests to find the cause of the diarrhea.The treatment will be specific to the cause found.

Hello again


I would have to disagree with those recommendations.The institutes of medicine has released a new report on vitamin D, and it is 600 units for those over 9 years of age, and 800 units, not 80 for those over 60 yeas of age.


And there can be higher doses without any proven toxicity. So we really know nothing about you, and I will be glad to handle any further details for you.


Let me know if you have further questions. If you have any concerns just use reply to expert until you are ready to rate a positive for your satisfaction..

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My last answer had a typo,in that 80 IU of vitamin D for patients over 60 years should have read 800 IU of vitamin D.Since the diarrhea has been there for three days and the vomiting occurred only once acouple of days ago, the probability of it being a viral diarrhea is high,though it could occur due to other causes also.It would help if you see a doctor if the problem persists.

Vakul Aren, Doctor
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 4010
Experience: MBBS,DTM&H,34 years of experience
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