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I have pain behind right ear down jaw line into throat

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I have pain behind right ear down jaw line into throat. Went to urgent care she checked saw no drainage in ear she gave me very strong antibiotic I have taken it faithfully for 3 days. That same night I had to go to ER for severe pain in same area she suspected mastoiditis. They did not X-ray or do any test. I felt pretty good yesterday but through the night the pain has came back and I had to take a pain pill because Advil is not working. I have had chills but no fever it actually is a low temp.

If your pain has returned in spite of being on antibiotic for three days, it means that the bug may be resistant to the antibiotic that you took and this may require a change in the antibiotic

I would also like that your doctor should have some tests like a complete blood count and an x ray of the mastoid area as well

You also may require a stronger prescription pain medication as advil is not helping you out with your problem

Therefore I would recommend that you should consult an ENT specialist for your problem.
The ER doctor gave me some stronger pain medicine. I don't think it my teeth because it would be them all. I feel like someone has punched me where the lymph node is. If I apply pressure under the ear and lymph node it is so sore. There is no redness or swelling. I have tried to just go on but the pain is back.

Dr. Shahzad MD :
A sore lymph node does mean that there is an infection, either in the ear or in the throat or in the mastoid
Ok thank you. How is mastoiditis diagnosis?

Dr. Shahzad MD :
Mastoiditis presents with ear pain and discomfort. Patients may have fever and pain behind the ear. Standard for diagnosing mastoiditis is either by a CAT scan or MRI. Treatment is with antibiotics.
Ok. I will try to get an appointment with ENT.

Would it be normal for the pain to go to left side and it hurt a little to swallow? I have been putting heating pad on my neck it seems to help at least I'm hoping. Personally when I went to urgent care I suspected it was just my sinuses but they didn't say anything gave me amoxicillin 875mg 2times a day.

Dr. Shahzad MD :
I think that you should continue the amoxicillin for the entire duration that they did prescribe it for. Hurting to swallow means that there is certainly a throat infection as well indicating inflammation in the throat.

The ear and the throat are connected by a tube that is called as a eustachian tube

So a throat problem can cause pain in the ear or infection in the ear or mastoid as well
Ok thanks

Dr. Shahzad MD :
You are most welcome
Take care

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