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Black string in mucus (Postnasal drip mucus I out that comes

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black string in mucus (Postnasal drip mucus I spit out that comes from nose and runs in back of throat). I don't have sinus infection at the moment nor a cold. I have had this for over a year and I don't smoke, I don't work in an polluted environment, and my house may have some dust but it is only 6 years old, I have lived in worse and never had this before.
Thank you for using Just Answer.Post nasal drip is invariably secondary to chronic sinus infections.Black mucus strings are seen in marijuana smokers,tobacco smokers usually have brown strings in their PND mucus.The other cause is bacterial infection of the sinuses,or a viral infection which involves the sinuses.There may be halitosis associated with the sinusitis and black mucus ,as the infection necrotises the outer layers of the sinus mucosa causing the black colour.Exposure to smog,automobile smoke may also cause black mucus discharge.It would be prudent to consult your PCP/ENT surgeon who can examine you and investigate you.The sputum string can be sent to the lab for bacterial culture and sensitivity ,thus identifying the bacteria and the best antibiotic for it.Use of decongestants ,steam inhalations and other drugs may help clear the problem.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

This is a picture of it. It usually happens in the morning, you cannot see it very well but it is covered with clear sticky mucus. I do not smoke anything. If I have an infection, then I have it for over a year. Could it be fungus? Should I be concerned?

It could be a fungal infection ,chronic infections may lie dormant and may flare up after a cold or a viral infection.City smog and pollution is usually the cause,chronic allergies may also cause this.Investigating the mucus string and checking it for fungii and bacteria will help.Sinus flexible fibrescope endoscopy will help check the sinuses as well as taking samples for tests.
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