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What are risks of an elderly person taking a 10mg melatonin

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What are risks of an elderly person taking a 10mg melatonin pill when they are on blood pressure medication?
Can you tell me the anti-hypertensive drugs which you are taking at present?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am afraid I don't know. My elderly aunt was complaining of insomnia and I told her I take melatonin pills so she asked me for one. I feel that calling her and asking her what meds she takes would make her ask why. My fears of any dangerous interaction would freak her out and given her age and health issues I'm afraid to do so.

As per a 2004 study ,melatinonin, supplements given before bedtime resulted in significant lowering of blood pressure.Caution was advised while taking antihypertensive drugs as well as cholesterol lowering agents and antiarrhythmic drugs while taking Melatonin supplements.Specific drugs mentioned include Clonidine,Metoprolol,Nifedipine and methoxamine for significant interaction with melatonin.The advice for caution will hold good with other antihypertensives and cardiovascular drugs too due to the blood pressure lowering effect of the melatonin.It is advised that you consult your physician before starting any OTC melatonin supplement if you are on any antihypertensive drug.
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