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Vakul Aren
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I recently went to a D.O. who did an exam of my back. He

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I recently went to a D.O. who did an exam of my back. He said that I have 3 pinched nerves in my back. He suggested I have an MRI, PT and OMT. Does this sound reasonable?
A MRI of the lumbosacral spine will will help evaluate and diagnose the cause of back pain if it is from the spine or due to compression or irritation of the spinal nerve roots.Your PCP/GP can examine you and guide you regarding this.Help of a orthopaedic Surgeon or a neurosurgeon may be sought if there is problem with spinal stenosis or spinal nerve root compression due to any cause.The therapy will be specific to the cause found and will include medication,physiotherapy and exercises.Medicines will include anti-inflammatory drugs,muscle relaxants and other medicines as required.

The Orthopaedic Manual Therapy is a specialised area of Physical Therapy for management of neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions using manual techniques and exercises.This along with Physiotherapy may help in managing pain due to a variety of painful musculoskeletal conditions ,the therapy is tailor made for the patient by a trained therapist.The management of Radiculitis (Compression of spinal nerve roots in the lumbosacral spine) can also be done using these methods,these appear reasonable even though they differ from traditional methods used in modern medicine.The treatment methods vary from those employed by an orthopaedic Surgeon who will rely on drug therapy,physiotherapy and exercises done sfter investigations and imaging studies. If there is any specific information you require ,I will be happy to help.Please rate my answer positively, as the negative ratings remain in the records.I am here to answer any specific queries you may have.

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