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What are deposition disease such as hemosiderosis/ acromial

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what are deposition disease such as
hemosiderosis/ acromial process ?
Pulmonary Hemosiderosis can occur as a primary disease or as a disease secondary to systemic disease of the kidneys and lungs/secondary to allergies especially food allergies like Lactose intolerance/cardiovascular disease.The Idiopathic Pulmonary Hemosiderosis is a diagnosis of exclusion and is considered if other causative factors are ruled out.Group 1 disease would be linked to Goodpasture's Syndrome and circulating anti-GBM antibodies .Group 2 disease would be associated with immune complex disease,increase in alveolar deposits of IgG,IgA and C3,peripheral eosinophilia and milk allergy. Collagen tissue diseases like SLE /Mixed Connective Tissue Disease/Cryoglobinaemia/Henoch-Schnolien Purpura and Wagner's Granulomatosis may rarely cause this disease.Group 3 of the causes f this disease would be due to cardiovascular and primary lung causes of the disease like infections,toxic inhalations,bleeding disorders causing intra-alveolar bleeding.The disease may present as hemoptysis,iron deficiency anaemia and pulmonary infiltrates.
The increased density of the liver is seen in fatty liver disease.This can be secondary to heavy alcohol use or can be Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease(NAFLD).The latter is a life style disease due to a rich diet and lack of adequate exercise.Dull pain in the liver area may be seen.Iron overload may also reflect as liver damage and increased liver density.Assessing for causes of hemosiderosis/Thalassaemia and bleeding disorders will be required .It would be best to get the opinion of a Gasteroenterologist or a experienced Physician who can examine you and investigate further as per the physical findings in your case.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you. Currently reside in a remote area in Alaska, with limited access to specialists. I am thinking the symptoms are mostly liver and heart related, no real blood, or urine or excessive coughing. Which specific questions or tests would you recommend to prioritize to discover what, if any, disease exist.

Thank you for your work, very informative, will Google the other information for general knowledge. Warm regards, Deby

I would suggest ruling out any haematological disorders with simple tests like a haemogram,Bleeding Time and Clotting Time,A lipid profile, Liver function Tests and urine examination with serum urea/creatinine testing.Since the lung depositions apparently do not need any immediate therapy,it would be best to concentrate on the liver problem.You are already on a low fat diet,regular exercise will help further.The progress will be slow and may take a few months to be apparent.The problem of the subpleural scarring which is presently stable can wait till when you have access to a tertiary care/referral hospital.Clearing up the NAFLD or other causes of increased liver density would help.

Diabetes and insulin resistance also needs to be ruled out as a cause of the NAFLD.