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I recently noticed a bruise at the base of my penis, at top

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I recently noticed a bruise at the base of my penis, at top center after having oral sex. I did not know where it came from- nothing during the sex indicated to me it happened then, so I assumed it might have come from riding my motorcycle and being pushed into the tank. The next day I noticed a bit of soreness when I awoke with an erection, and the bruised area had a distinct, raised vein/blood vessel underneath it that was sensitive to the touch- very similar to a broken vessel one might get on the back of their hand, etc. But I also noticed a slight swelling on one side of my penis below the head, in what kind of looked like/felt like a broken vessel as well, but a bit more vague. This swelling/lump is also slightly noticeable when flaccid, but less so. The vein/vessel at the base with the visible bruising hurts when the penis is moved around when erect. This is giving me some concern as I have never had any problems with my penis or blood vessels in general, and they both bring about a slight amount of pain.
Any insight into what this may be? Hopefully I have been descriptive enough. Thank you.
Hello, this is Dr. David. I have read your question and am ready to help.

this does sound very much like a broken blood vessel or a hematoma of the glands penis sor head of the penis. you are correct to suspect that trauma like from oral sex or from riding a motorcycle can cause this.

usually with time and rest, the blood collection will reabsorb into the penis and the bruise will go away. sometimes ice can help decrease the swelling there. you can try a bag of crushed ice in a zip lock bag and try to ice the area through a cloth towel to help decrease the pain and decrease the swelling.

avoid erections and sexual intercourse until the area has healed completely.

if the area persists, if the swelling gets worse, if you have pain with urination, you would need to see a urology doctor or your primary care doctor as soon as possible.

but if with rest and with icing the swelling gets better and your erections become non painful and your urination stays normal, then I wouldn't worry about it too much and chalk it up to a small broken blood vessel.

does this help?

do you have other questions?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok, I will try some ice to see if that helps.

Also, the blood vessel along the top center base of the penis stands out quite strong and hard as a 'line' and quite tender right on it. The spot below the head, to the left, is less distinct, and when i run my finger over the area, i can feel a harder 'vein' under the skin, which is different than say the other side, which gives a more vague, soft penis feel.

Do both the descriptions match a broken blood vessel/s? And what would be the cause? Could it happen from getting pushed into the gas tank of a motorcycle (riding, not wrecking) while completely flaccid? Or?

thank you.

yes, since the vein is on the bottom side of the penis and riding on a motorcycle can cause a lot of vibration and repetative trauma, this could easily be the cause of a broken blood vessel from trauma to the blood vessel. some long term riders even wear protective pants with extra butt and cock padding to prevent things like this. so your description of your motor cycle riding and your description of your hard veins and buising match the story you are giving.

using ice to calm down the inflammation, taking a break from riding and intercourse will allow the blood vessel the heal and the veins to heal and the hardness of the vein there should get better with rest and with time.
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