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Dr. Rick, MD
Dr. Rick, MD, Board Certified MD
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I was sitting in a public hot pot and two people were having

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I was sitting in a public hot pot and two people were having sex and I was masterbating. Could I catch Hiv from this.
I am online and happy to help you with your question today.
That is a very good question.
The good news? The HIV virus is very, very wimpy and dies at the drop o a hat. It is very hard to catch from the environment.
The hot water, air bubbles and agitation would kill any HIV virus released way before you could be infected. Also, since every hot tub I know of has chlorine in it -- and public hot tubs have TONS of chlorine in them -- any virus, bacteria and most fungi are killed before they have any chance of causing problems.
So. What is my take home message here? From what you have posted your chances of catching HIV are so close to zero as it is possible to humanly estimate. You are safe.
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Dr. Rick
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