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Okay, good. Excellent response to questions and good info on

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Okay, good. Excellent response to questions and good info on how to proceed. I should have also mentioned, I am highly allergenic to the environmental Stuff... Ex) Changing of the seasons is my worst time for asthma and breathing issues.
The night time is, by far the worst. My girl says I just hacking hack & coughing and then I wake up not being able to breath... I wake up with also severe back pain I'm assuming from the coughing?
Q2 – Is a sleep apnea overnight examination something that would be worthwhile for me?
Q3 – I take omega-3 69 vitamin vitamins at D&c Echinacea, Call meds Hot baths\shower. Help clear my lungs and passages , also my sinuses. Lots of water.
Not much appetite, trying to make myself eat.
Q4 – Any and all advice on ways to improve my current health conditions?
Thank you and very Much appreciated.
Take care, Sandy.

Yes,a overnight sleep study will help assess any night dyspnoea,cardiac arrhythmias and cardiogenic causes of choking,as well as any fall in the SpO2% levels.Sleep apnoea is often caused by closure of the glottis/nasopharyngeal airway due to problems with the soft palate and a narrow nasopharynx.Ruling out thyroid disease will help.Use of monteleukast(Montair)by your doctor will be helpful in preventing environmental allergen induced problems like Allergic SinoRhinitis,allergic pharyngitis and allergic bronchospasm.Use of a H2 blocker like Zantac/Ranitidine and a H1 blocker like Cetrizine/Zyrtec will also help prevent seasonal allergy induced symptoms.Use of steroid nasal sprays like Fluticasone/Flonase nasal spray and inhaled steroids will also help reduce inflammation due to allergy.Azelastine nasal spray and oral steroids in a short course will provide good relief from the symptoms. The back pain would probably not be related to the seasonal bronchospasm though some muscle spasms and pain may occur due to severe coughing. Regular exercise,avoid any known allergens,get yourself tested for common allergens, use waterproof covers for pillows and mattress,vacuum your curtains and sofas to prevent exposure to dust and dust mites,avoid strong chemicals/fumes/dust/pollens/flowers.Use of scented candles,wood smoke,chemical pesticide sprays should be avoided.Cold and dry air can trigger asthma attacks,use of a facemask and avoiding exposure to cold air/wind will help.Keep windows closed during spring,use of air conditioners/air purifiers will help. Omega-3 and 9 fatty acids ,vitamins and Echinacea can be taken as they are unlikely to cause a problem. Adequate hydration will help.

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