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I am a 41 year old non-smoking male who has had dull chest

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I am a 41 year old non-smoking male who has had dull chest pain for 10 months. The pain began in sternum and has gradually spread into the chest. I also have occasional shortness of breath. I have had many tests over the past 10 months including a CT Scan, but everything comes back negative. Is it possible that a CT Scan may have missed something? At this point, I am concerned that I may have lung cancer.
Chest pain and dull ache are common in musculoskeletal disorders of the rib cage(muscle spasms and ligamnent strains) and in anxiety related problems.The negative lab reports,X-Rays,CT scan,,MRI scan ,blood work and endoscopy confirm that you have no malignancy.Use of analgesics like tylenol/ibubrufen will help .In case of Generalsed Anxiety and panic disorder,medication and counselling by mental health professional,preferably a psychiatrist will help.Cognitive behavioural therapy(CBT) has been found to give good results.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am pleased to hear that malignancy is ruled out. Regarding the other possibilities you mentioned, I do have a several questions for clarification.

Can muscle spasms or ligament strain create pain constantly over many months and even deteriorate with time? My physician checked me for costochonditis, but he ruled it out. And, if pain is caused by anxiety or panic disorder, is it likely that it would not respond to anxiety medications like Valium or Ativan?

Anxiety is often reduced by anxiolytic drugs like Ativan but not removed completely,it tends to persist and create psychosomatic complaints like chest pain,dizziness ,numbness,palpitation and a host of others.All symptoms need not be there in every patient.Costochondritis is one specific condition relating to musculoskeletal pain.Chronic myalgia is often seen associated with anxiety,fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.
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