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I am a 31-year-old male Canadian. I have asthma. I have, had

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I am a 31-year-old male Canadian. I have asthma. I have, had to collapse longs, in the period of less than two years. I have a thoracotomy in 2011. They found that I have boluses disease. Surgery went well all boulis were removed. Strengthen with bovine.
I live in a colder climate. I just got back from Mexico, Cancun. About a week ago, I have had a deep chest cold since my return.
I've been waking up in the middle of the night choking not being able to breathe. I also wake up a very sore throat. My girlfriend, says I do a lot of coughing in my sleep.
Question number one- Could the sudden waking up be sleep apnea?
My chest cold has seemed to improve. I understand what sleep apnea means.
q number two. What are some of the treatments for sleep apnea?
My inhalers seem
ok in these Crisis situations. I have a ventilator should I got some solutions, seems to work much better for me.? Is there scientific proof that these machines work better then puffers& inhalers?
I have been referred to a sleep clinic. Q3 – What it be worthwhile to completely rid myself of this chest cold before going in for a overnight evaluation?
Sudden awakening with a choking sensation could be secondary to Sleep Apnoea,but the commoner causes would be Congestive heart failure,obstruction due to thick phlegm or post nasal drip causing a choking sensation,Pulmonary Hypertension and severe lung inflammation/Pneumonitis/Asthma with bronchospasm.A thorough physical examination and investigations like a Lung Function test,Echocardiography,X-rays for Paranasal sinusitis and other investigations will help establish the cause of the choking sensation.Rarely,acute GERD with Laryngo-pharyngeal Acid reflux may cause acute sore throat and choking due to reflux of acidic contents of the stomach refluxing into the respiratory passages.
Use of a Continuous Positive Air Pressure machine(C-PAP)/BiPhasic Positive Air Pressure Machine (Bi-PAP),dental or oral splints which prevent closure of the soft palate will help prevent Sleep Apnoea.You probably have a nebuliser(and not a ventilator)at home for which solutions of bronchodilators and other drugs are available.This will cause a fine particled mist of the requisite drug which can be given as a continuous mist to relieve the bronchospasm.Puffers/Inhalers/nebulisers are almost equally effective in relieving bronchospasm,the nebuliser will be able to provide medication continuously for a longer period of time and is hence preferred in acute attacks of bronchospasm.The particle size of the medication by all methods of delivery is similar,thus no single method is better than the other.It would be ideal to correct the infectious chest cold before going in for a sleep apnoea study ,the lung infection will lead to bronchospasm and infection which will cause a erroneous report of the study.
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