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Vakul Aren
Vakul Aren, Doctor
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My husband has a quarter-sized glob of super glue on his

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My husband has a quarter-sized glob of super glue on his arm. How should he remove it?
Superglue is a quick drying glue which can stick to the skin and be difficult to remove.Since it is a acrylic resin containing cyanoacrylate,it will be soluble in acetone containing solution.Unfortunately acetone may irritate the skin,and some people may not tolerate it well.It would be best to try lots of warm water and soap.The first thing to do would be use warm soapy water to soak and wash the affected area.This will soften the glue and aid removal,drying the area by gently rubbing to remove the glue will help . Applying nail polish remover which contains acetone, applied to cotton balls which can be applied to the skin and gently rubbed for a short space of time.Prolonged application may irritate the skin..Rubbing the area gently with textured paper(like drawing paper)may help ease off the super glue.Please be gentle or you may abrade the skin.Some particles or a fie layer may remain which can be removed later,as the glue will be removed by the oils secreted by the skin.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you -- we will try this right away. I really appreciate your thorough and thoughtful response. I'm consistently impressed by the Experts on JustAnswer!

Thank you for your kind comments.Please give my answer a positive rating to release my dues.Thank you.
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