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I have a pulsing bulge on the right side of my neck which

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I have a pulsing bulge on the right side of my neck which has got progressively worse over the past 3 yrs. It is obvious when head tipped backwards. I am 37 and past smoker. I have an uncomfrotable feeling of pressure which never goes away and the area can be painfull. Have seen own gp several times but keep being told its a swollen gland! Please help.
In precisely which location on right side? How large is the bulge? Did you have any test?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have sent a reply but not sure if it went threw so sending again. It is in the area where you would commonly feel for the carotid artery. It is in the triangle of the side of the neck roughly paralel with the large neck muscle and descends from the area below back of jaw line. I could just feel not see it at start but was able to see lump about a year ago and noticed it was pulsing roughly 3 months ago. I also have started having pains in my right upper arm between elbow and shoulder, not in the joints, this has been on and off for a few wks. I saw a head and neck consultant about 15 mnths ago who sent me for an ulrasound scan which didn't show anything abnormal at the time. He told me i didn't have cancer and sent me away. I have been back to gp as pain and sensation of pressure in the neck area is very uncomfortable and worrying. I asked about vascular problems and was told i may have an enlarged carotid artery! Was referred back to same consultant who told me again i didn't have cancer but nothing else was done. I haven't seen anyone since which is about 5 months but feel like the bulge has slowly gotten larger since first felt roughly 3 yrs ago, the pain and sensation has definatley gotten worse and obviously it is changing going from a lump i could only feel to now being able to see it and also it pulsing. It is kind of sausage shaped. Heart disease runs in the family. I can honestly say I haven't felt fully well or free of symptoms for around 2 yrs and feeling very distressed by it but getting no where with gp. My bp has always been around normal but have noticed a light drop in the systolic pressure recently in both arms. This is with my own monitor as gp has never asked to take my bp.

Sorry, I was waiting for your reply. I did not get the first one. Is it firm or soft? Can you measure its size precisely?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok, did you get the second one? It is roughly 4cm long and 1cm wide. It is firm but not like bone firm, nor is it soft so somewhere in the middle. The pulse is very obvious just looking at it in the mirror. When pressed the pulse can be felt very strongly.

Thank you for the input.
The pulsing bulge can be due to a few probables. Aneurysm of the carotid artery needs to be considered first. But you have got ultrasound examination. It should come up in ultrasound. Hemangioma can cause pulsation. The surgeon also could not find any. Another probable is transmitted pulse. This can occur if a structure like a lymph node remains over & attached to the artery. The pulse can be felt along with the lump. As your GP mentioned about lymph node it is a possibility. Firm feeling, shape also favor it. The lymph node usually increases in size after an infection. It may take time to regress even though infection is resolved. The other probables are lipoma, neuroma, fibroma etc. In most cases they are benign in nature, do not require any treatment. Pain can occur in inflammation of lymph node. If you feel it is increasing in size, I would suggest to take a repeat ultrasound examination. MRAngio of carotid artery is taken in case there is any suspicion or confusion.
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