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I have a scabby looking sore inside the fold of my left ear

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I have a scabby looking sore inside the fold of my left ear and have developed another one on the upper part of my ear. If I pick at them they will bleed a tiny bit. I worry about skin cancer in my ears and hope that this isn't it. The one is the size of a half of a pencil eraser and the other is the size of the point of a sharp pencil. The doctor gave me Bactran (Sp) and the one seems to have got a little bit smaller. Please give me some advice.
Although it is impossible to make a specific diagnosis over the internet, there are some comments that can be made in his situation.

Since the one seems to have gotten smaller with Bactrim, that would indicate that there is at least a component of an infection, since antibiotics would not cause a cancer to shrink. It is possible that there is a different underlying problem that has gotten secondarily infected, and the Bactrim is working against the infection portion.

Another possible factor is repeated trauma to the lesion. If any skin lesion is picked at, rubbed, squeezed, or otherwise bothered by the hands, it is more likely to become infected and it is more difficult for the normal healing process to succeed. It is possible that a combination of antibiotics and leaving them alone may facilitate healing.

It would require a proper examination to determine whether these are worrisome for being cancer, so if they are persistent, it would be necessary for them to be examined, and it may be necessary to be seen by a Dermatologist.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

would skin cancer appear in 2 different spots on the ear they like little tiny ulcerations or blisters

It would be unusual for skin cancer to appear in two locations on the ear, but it is possible. It would also be unusual for a skin cancer to appear as a small blister. A cancer can develop into an ulcer, but it usually as the cancer becomes larger.
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