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For the past two weeks i have been having a bad cough it is

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for the past two weeks i have been having a bad cough it is hard to breath sometimes because it is so bad, also my ears have been feeling like they are going to pop like if i was in high altatude. 2 weeks ago i had went to the grand canyon were the altatude is 7,000 to 8,000 been sick ever sence the next day i was back home.. also been having some head pains in the right side back of head.. i dont know what to do or what could be wrong but it is starting to really bother me.
Dear customer,

Did you take any drug or consulted a doctor yet?
any associated fever?
did you have any tests done?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

didnt take any drugs only took cough syrup and day quail.

no fever, just have been feeling very hot, also the past 2 days been very dizzy apond standing. ( every time i stand up)

no i havent have any test done.

Dear customer,

Thank you for information.

As per the symptoms, it seems that you are suffering from respiratory tract infection.The symptoms of cough , difficulty in breathing and choking sensation in ear likely to be due to the infection.It may be due to bacterial or viral cause.The oral antibiotics like septran, augmentin, ofloxacin may be needed to control the bacterial infection.

You should have the blood counts, chest x-ray, etc done and consult the doctor to know the underlying cause.

The treatment is according to underlying cause.The other causes of cough should also be ruled out.

Let me know if you haave any doubt.

Thank you
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