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I have had a firm slitly moveable lump in my neck for about

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Hi there, i have had a firm slitly moveable lump in my neck for about 3 months, it is just infront of the ear and behind the hinge of the jawline. I went to a doctor about it a while ago and had ultrasound done, was told it wwas normal lymph node not swollen. Im just concerned as to why it feels hard. Somedays it shrinks it has never grown larger then 1cm but it can cause shooting pains in my neck. Im just still really concerned it is something serious, my tonsil on the same side is slightly larger than the left and has holes in it. I have a history of sore throats on the one side which happens to be the side my lump is on. Any ideas?
Welcome to JustAnswer!
Thanks for your question. Please provide me the following information so that I can address your concern appropriately.
Do you feel any other lump in neck or other location? Is there any pain or skin color change? Do you think its size is decreasing gradually or noticed significant increase? Are you otherwise a healthy person?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Nope no other lumps, dentost checked other day when i went for a check up. There is some pain if i poke it alot which i have been doing. It has never increased from original size, some days it goes very small othersnit goes up to what it was before but no bigger. Yeah i would say im healthy, the only thing i have got is a very clicky jaw which im told is tmj disorder.
Thank you for the information.
I am sorry to hear about your symptoms.
Based on the location of the swelling it is either lymph node or parotid gland. Since you already visited your doctor and was confirmed as lymph node then you can focus on lymph node related issues. The most common cause of pain and lump is infection or inflammation in the drainage area. Once the infection is over, the swelling tends to subside gradually over 4-6 weeks. In your case, I see that you have some discomfort in near by area,,,, that might be a reason for delayed recovery. Since you do not have any other active symptoms,,,, serious illness is less likely. Presence of pain in also an indirect indication of inflammation/infection. However, it is recommended to see your doctor again if lymph node does not subside after 4-6 weeks. Thus at this point, you may want to see your doctor again. If the lump feels different on examination, your physician may consider CT or lymph node biopsy to explore it further. Based on the findings you will be guided further. The best person to treat this kind of problem is an ENT doctor as they can also evaluate your TMJ issues and tonsils.
Please let me know if you have any other question for me.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Am i correct in assuming that if it hasnt increased in size that is unlikely to be something very serious?

Increase in size is suggestive of progressive growth. In your case, there is no increase is size that is reassuring. Let me tell you some of the key features that suggest the possibility of benign nature.

1. Small in size

2. Decrease in size over time

3. Associated with pain

4. Movable

5. In many cases, lymph node less that 1 cm is clinically less significant.

However, one should always consider a doctor visit if the lymph node does not subside withing expected time.

I hope it helps.

Take care.

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