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Dr. David
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What causes erythematous duodenopathy, what results can be

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What causes erythematous duodenopathy, what results can be obtained from the biopsy of this. What are gastric ulcers, I was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis, but no gallstones, no problems with pancreas, and only lipase level of 67 (previous level 460) during E.R. visit a couple weeks ago. Also had endoscopy with biopsy last week, "two gastric polyps resected and retrieved" Erythematous duodenopathy being biopsied, this is being biopsied.
thanks for your help.
Hello, this is Dr. David. I have read your question and am ready to help.

erythematous duodenopathy means redness and inflammation of the duodenum which is the first second of small bowel right after the stomach. the most common cause for erythematous duodenopathy is excessive stomach acid coming from the acid going into the duodenum. the biopsy will tell if it is just acid related changes in the duodenum, or something else, but since you are already taking prilosec and mylanta, most likely it is the excessive stomach acid which is causing the situation.

gastric ulcers are erotions of the internal lining of the stomach. this also often comes from excessive stomach acid or even bacterial infections of the stomach called H Pylori infections. this needs to be tested for in your case as well.

we appreciate all the information you can give us.

when do you go back to hear the results of the biopsy?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I was told not to take aspirin, ibuprofen, advil, motrin, Nuprin, and the issue I'm having is medication related, but I have never ta***** ***** term nsaid's only long term anti depressants i have early degenerative arthritis and took some anti inflammatory ibuprofen, which caused swelling around my eyes, and stopped taking it. only took nsaids for very short time, years ago??

What about my other question on peri menopausal spotting several weeks then normal period? Can this be related? Also pain in stomach groin when sexually aroused, can this be a part of the problem, I have a cyst? on my uterous, that was told was not a problem... can this cyst be the cause of all my spotting? thank you for your time.

your situation may not be medication related. your stomach could just be making too much stomach acid on its own or from a bacterial infection. I don't think the ibuprofen you took for a short time many years ago has anything to do with your erythematous duodenopathy.

also I dont' think your duodenopathy is related to your spotting and menstral cycle. if you are perimenopausal, it is very common to have irregular periods and spotting and sometimes missed periods because of changes of your hormone levels. a uterine cyst can sometimes cause some spotting and irregular periods. uterine fibroids can do that as well. but I suspect that it is the changes of your estrogen levels as you are getting closer to menopause that is causing the spotting.

you should still have a full gyn examination if you haven't and get a uterine ultrasound to keep a close eye on your uterus and uterine cyst to make sure they don't change and turn into anything else.

have you had a uterine ultrasound and pap smear recently?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Yes had uterine ultrasound and pap smear a year ago said the uterine fibroid was large but not to worry, my real concern I guess is whether this could potentially be cancer related or if bacterial related how would that have happened? i had been complaining of feeling exhausted and flu like for quite a few months, lots of joint pain headaches, really tired...took two antibiotic rounds which only helped short term, then back to feeling run down fluish, aching joints swollen hands. Thanks again, I think I'm almost ready to close this..

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Relist: Incomplete answer.
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This is Dr. David

sorry for the delay

I don't think your erythematous duodenopathy or your occational vaginal spotting prior to periods or your other symptoms are cancer related at this point. we will have to wait on the results of your duodenal biopsies to know for sure.

I'm glad you had a pap last year and your uterine fibroid was stable. you should be getting paps every year and checking on the uterine fibroid as well with an ultrasound. you should have your doctors check your estrogen levels and FSH and LH levels. if your estrogen levels are declining and you are starting into menopause, this could be the cause of your vaginal spotting and irregular periods and also can cause fatigue and joint aches as well. also you should have your thyroid hormone levels checked as well and your iron levels and B12 levels checked too since low levels of these can also cause fatigue and other symptoms.
Dr. David, Board Certified Physician
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 46673
Experience: Experienced Physician trained in New York City. I'm ready to help.
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