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What are the side effects of Nugenix, the testosterone drug?

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what are the side effects of the testosterone drug nugenix?

Welcome to just answer.
Are you interested in trig this supplement ?
Could you tell me what is the reason that you want to try this ?
Could you elaborate on your medical condition ?
Building muscle tone and stamina
pre diabetes and obesity

PK :
Okay. Thank you for the information .
I want you to know that supplements like nugenix are not FDA approved thus their efficacy is not substantiated and is questionable . Thus once these are not FDA approved their safety is in question as well So if you want to build muscle and stamina you should resort to exercising and avoid such products .
So you should not take the supplement as of now
So there is no way of verifying the safety of this supplement? no studies, etc?

PK :
No , these products intact claim to increase testosterone and their is no proof of this and they can do you more harm . Thus we do not advise use of products unless they have gone through the stringent FDA tests .
So you should not waste your money on these products and try build muscle and stamina the natural way as that is the best and the safest
So how do you know if a product has passed FDA tests?

PK :
I am sorry this may not be something you would have wanted to hear but I would rather lay the facts in front of you
I have reviewed this product for other people as well . You have these products and you can go to the site or over the net and you have information that states the same
I believe in being told the truth rather than creating lifelong problems for myself. Truth is bitter.

PK :
Yes that is the reason I am giving you this information so that you do not harm your health and stay away from such products
So please try the natural way and you will see good results rather than burdening your body with such products .
I hope you are getting my point ?
I wish you all the best and great health
yes. grateful. thank you.

PK :
Take care and god bless

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