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I have ocd. I take zoloft. through my job i was able to get

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I have ocd. I take zoloft. through my job i was able to get my hands on a vial of midazolam 50mg/50ml...i have just wanted to sedate myselft to twight state...not suicidal or anything like that. I took 20mg sq....then slept 3 hours my wife said she didn't notice any decrease in breathing...then i took 30mg im later and slept i didn't notice any decrease breathing but have no remeberance of event. I am worried now that I am permanently brain damaged....please help me...I am also sensitzed to benzos as i do at times take them...i took 3mg ativan with the midaz. I have been taking clonazepam for years so I have a tolerance

How many days ago you took Midazolam?

Have you noticed any sign or symptoms pointing towards the possibility of brain damage?


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
2 Weeks ago...i've noticed maybe memory or cognition...but no one else had noticed any change in me....another Dr said hypoxic damage would cause speech sensory asmotor as well as cognition..
Thanks for your reply.

A brain damaged person would not be able to ask such a complicated question in the first instance .

I do agree with this doctor that any insult / injury to brain may affect the speech, gait, movement, various parts of body etc which you are not experiencing so just relax.

Memory, concentration, attention can be impaired in OCD with accompanying anxiety also.

Kind regards


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
just a perceived change in cognition on my
Part doesn't mean anything? Would hypoxiv brain damag global changese cause it wouldn't target as specific region? Is it possible to
Have hypoxic damage without global changes?

So just a perceived change in cognition on my
Part doesn't mean anything? - Yes, and a very important point is that your loved ones including your wife are not able to notice any change in you. Usually , the relatives of a brain damage person are the first one to notice any change.

You need not to go in detail about hypoxic damage or any such complicated topic as this will lead to increase in your anxiety symptoms which in turn will aggravate you memory and concentration problem.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I know that it is causing anxiety but once I get the 95% idea in my head where it didn't happen I feel better. I would prefer if you did talk a little about the effects of hypoxia...had it ever happened where the hypoxia only effects one portion of the brain.
O.K, I can understand your concerns.

Anoxic Brain Injury; Hypoxic Brain Injury

Kindly go through the link given above and we will discuss further. I will not be able to give an immediate reply but will try to answer as soon as possible.