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Swelling in my arm just below the elbow bend

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My left arm swelled just below the bend in the elbow for most of the afternoon, but by the
evening time, it now looks and feels more like "an egg" and has moved just above the inside elbow joint on my left arm. Could this be a blood clot that I should get looked at, or maybe is it something else. I am 61 yr. old female. Thanks so much for your information.
Do you have associated symptoms like pain, redness over the swelling/ fever/ did you hurt the arm? Do you have any diagnosed medical condition?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I wouldn't say it was painful, just tender. In 2003, I fell and shattered

both bones from elbow to my wrist, which was also shattered. I was in

an external fixator for about a year and a half. A metal plate was placed on top of my wrist to try to put it all together. After a couple of years, the

metal plate acted as a "slow saw" and cut the tendons to my fingers on

my left arm. Another surgery was required. I have not had any other problems since then.


I am happy that there are no other symptoms.

We need to consider few causes for the swelling near the elbow.
Let me explain a bit. Elbow is a complex region of the body. There are underlying bones {humerus, radius and ulna}/ overlying muscles and tendons/ vessels, nerves/ fat and overlying skin. Abnormality at any of these can present with swelling.

In your case as the swelling is on the inside aspect {medial part} it is less likely to be a clot in the vein. The clot in the vein {that big} would have presented with other symptoms like pain, swelling at forearm. I would think of effusion at the elbow joint/ ganglion cyst at the elbow as my first bets. No pain makes it less likely to be of infective or inflammatory etiology.

Next step - A physical evaluation along with few investigations like x ray followed by MRI for the region. This will give us more answers.

Till then - do not push or put pressure over the lump. Motrin should relieve discomfort if any. Keep your arm raised whenever possible.

Wish you well.
Good luck

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

So, what I understand is that it could be a gangloin cyst, but I should have my Dr. check it out with possibly an MRI, or X-ray. Is that what

I should do?

Yes you need to get it physically evaluated and also get x ray/ MRI to get the diagnosis.
It is less likely to be a blood clot or infection.
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