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Dr. Jerry E
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I eat a lot of dry roasted peanuts will they do me any harm

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i eat a lot of dry roasted peanuts will they do me any harm
Greetings from New York, this is Dr. Jerry E. I'm so glad you asked this question, let me give you some medical information now.
No, you shouldn't worry about any negative effects on your health from eating them...
While nuts have mostly been associated with fat, there is no reason as to why you need to worry about this connection. Nuts in general have a high fat content, but eating Dry Roasted Nuts will not result in weight gain. Frequent nut consumption can actually help maintain good health, as it acts as a healthy supplement. Dry roasted nuts can satisfy your hunger sufficiently and is appropriate for reducing cravings for other foods as well.

Some of the healthiest dry roasted nuts include cashews and peanuts. Cashew nuts contain magnesium in generous amounts; they help in keeping the blood vessels relaxed and also combat negative effects of stress and improper diet that can promote a sudden rise in blood pressure levels.

Dry roasted peanuts are loaded with an array of essential nutrients such as niacin, foliate, manganese, and vitamin E. Peanuts also provide an antioxidant, called resveratrol, which is also found in red wine and grapes. According to the Nurses’ Health Study, which involved 86,000 women, it was found that frequent consumption of dry roasted nuts reduced the risks associated with cardiovascular diseases.

This makes the aforementioned nuts the best choices among the wide variety of nuts available on the market today. There are many other nuts that are also being considered as healthy snack options when roasted dry. Hazelnuts, pistachios, and macadamia nuts are some of the preferred options. Eating a variety of nuts is the best choice for keeping yourself satiated for longer periods. Also, the nutritive value of mixed nuts is twice that of one single type of nut.

Dry roasted nuts are low in saturated fats and high in unsaturated fats (the good fat). This means lower cholesterol levels and a reduced risk of heart disease.

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