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Dr. Jerry E
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I have arisen this morning and experienced a pain under my

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I have arisen this morning and experienced a pain under my right heal (more to the inside of the heal). Although I had a suspected heart attack last November, for which I now take medication, I have no other medical condition. I am 71 and active, playing golf and doing housework. Is there anyhthing I can apply to relieve the pain?
Greetings from New York, this is Dr. Jerry E. I'm so glad you asked this question, let me give you some medical information now.
Here are some at home remedies for your pain:

Ice and heat

Though applying ice to the sore area of the heel will mitigate pain almost instantaneously, application of ice packs and heat packs in alternating fashion will greatly accelerate the process of healing, which is a long term effect. Doctors advise applying ice and heat in the morning and evening respectively. This works best because of its direct effect on tissue, tendons and muscles.

Night splints

When we sleep at night, the plantar fascia is in a shortened and relaxed position. The first few steps in the morning are very painful because this tissue suddenly needs stretching. However, if we use night splints, it maintains the tension in the plantar fascia thereby reducing the stress on the tissue when we are walking or running

Orthotic insoles

This is the most effective way to treat heel pains with long-term result. When you use Orthotic insoles, you are directly treating the cause of the symptoms and not just alleviating the pain or reducing the inflammation. It corrects the body biomechanics and body postures by supporting the metatarsal arches and controlling over-pronation. These insoles developed by podiatrists are designed to restore body balance and prevent the plantar fascia from experiencing strain on walking. Beside support, the wearer also gets a cushioning for walking comfort.

Towel stretches: This exercise should be done every morning before you leave your bed. Take a towel and make a loop of it and pull your toes towards the body with it with the knees straight. Perform it three times on each foot everyday.
  • Stair stretches: Stand on your staircase with the heels off the edge of the step. Hold the banister for support and lower your heels gradually till you feel your calves tightening up. Maintain the lowest position for about 30-40 seconds and then take a normal standing. Repeat this workout six times twice every day.
  • Chair stretches: Sit on a chair with your knees slightly pushed off the sides pointing your feet in the opposite directions. Now slowly lift the toe of the affected leg without taking the heel off the ground. When you feel a tightening in your Achilles tendon and calf muscle, maintain the position for some 20 seconds and then relax your toe. About 10 reps a day are good.
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