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Ive heard that if someone who has Lupus, spends time in the

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I've heard that if someone who has Lupus, spends time in the sun before having an ANA test, that it may cause an elevated result if that person has a sensitivity to the sun and feels worse after being in the sun. Is this true?

MD Doc :

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MD Doc :

If you do have Lupus it is possible that sun exposure may increase your titres slightly, but the effect is variable, and is unlikely to cause a false positive (means that it is not going to wrongly diagnose you as a case of Lupus, just because you have been exposed to the sun)

MD Doc :

Of course sitting in the sun may cause LUPUS to flare up, and hence this is NOT a good idea without the all clear from your doctor

MD Doc :

There are other tests like ESR and CRP that would help in diagnosing an auto-immune condition too,

MD Doc :

Please leave a positive feedback, get back for any clarifications

MD Doc :

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Thank you for your feedback. :) The reason I asked that question is because my doctor ordered an ANA test for me, but it came back negative. (My C3 was low, however.) I was really surprised by the result, because I have many symptoms related to Lupus. I just can't help but wonder...if I'd had my blood drawn mid-day after I'd been in the sun for a little while, because that's when I'm most symptomatic, would my ANA results have been any different. Instead I had my blood drawn in the morning when I'm least symptomatic. Do you think it might be beneficial to get retested during mid-day? I want to talk to my doctor about this possibility, but I'm afraid she'll think it's just plain nonsense to even ask to be retested. What do you think?

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