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Will a colonoscopy in a male detect if you are having anal

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Will a colonoscopy in a male detect if you are having anal sex or using dildos? And if it does, is that information reported to your primary physicains?
Hello, this is Dr. David. I have read your question and am ready to help.

if you are using substantial sized dildos, you can cause internal lacerations and have scar tissue in the anus and rectum. a colonoscopy can see scar tissue in the anus and rectum and the GI doctor doing the colonoscopy could report that in the colonoscopy report. and a lot of anal sex and dildo use can sometimes cause anal prolapse where the anus and rectum can be pushed out of the anus. this can also be seen on colonoscopy and could be reported.

but if you don't have rectal prolapse and if you don't have any scars in the anus or rectum from dildo use, then there will be nothing noted on the colonoscopy report
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I do not have prolapse. I have had anal sex for many years, but have been married to a woman for 30 years. My doctors don't know this situation and I am afraid it would be revealed. Can the colonoscopy tell the difference between anal sex and dildo use? Will the specialist doing the colonoscopy discuss your results before reporting to the primary physician?
no, a colonoscopy can not tell between anal sex and routine small dildo use. both of these behaviors can be completely missed on a routine colonoscopy if there are no scar tissue in the rectum.

the GI doctor usually does not discuss the results of the colonoscopy with you affer the procedure. he usually just dictates a report of what he sees.

if you are really worried about this, I would suggest that you talk to the GI doctor prior to the procedure and tell him that you are worried about this coming out in the colonoscopy report and ask him not to mention anything about that. but chances are, he will not see anything that will lead him to conclude that you have had anal sex before.
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