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OK for no apparent reason, no tauma or strain other than

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OK for no apparent reason, no tauma or strain other than daily living and I play a fair amount of golf. A couple of times a week I suffer from severe pain in my joints, writs, hands and the front of my legs in the hip area and shoulders are the main areas. When it hits it is bad enough to disable me almost completely. Advil helps a lot with it. Stange things is it is gone completely within 24 to 36 hours with no after effets at all.
Greetings from New York, this is Dr. Jerry E. I'm so glad you asked this question, let me give you some medical information now. How long has this been going on?>
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

It started just last March, at first it was limited to my wrist, fingers or in the hand area. Again for no apparent reason, I would get severe pain in my hands or wrists, my joints would actually swell up and become stiff and very painful,. Now, although I don't seem to have the swelling in the areas it bothers me now it is stilll very bad.

Yesterday morning I woke up with a pain in the upper front inside of my left leg. It got worse througout the day. By late last night I could barely walk, almost impossible to stand straight up or lift my leg. It was still there this morning but not as bad and now it is much better. This is typical of what I have been suffering with, last week it was the same area on the right leg. Many times it is in the area of my shoulders like a rotator cuff issues where it is painful to move my arms up away from my body. Other than playing golf I am doing nothing to cause this, no real strain or trauma. Typically it will happen the second day after I would play golf not the next day like you would think if it were related to my golf game.



You should have blood work done to check your potassium and calcium levels.

Your symptoms seem to indicate

Fibromyalgia (pronounced fy-bro-my-AL-ja) is a common and complex chronic pain disorder that affects people physically, mentally and socially. Fibromyalgia is a syndrome rather than a disease. Unlike a disease, which is a medical condition with a specific cause or causes and recognizable signs and symptoms, a syndrome is a collection of signs, symptoms, and medical problems that tend to occur together but are not related to a specific, identifiable cause.

Fibromyalgia, which has also been referred to as fibromyalgia syndrome, fibromyositis and fibrositis, is characterized by chronic widespread pain, multiple tender points, abnormal pain processing, sleep disturbances, fatigue and often psychological distress. For those with severe symptoms, fibromyalgia can be extremely debilitating and interfere with basic daily activities.

Whether you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia or suffer from its symptoms, or have a family member or friend with the disorder, this section is designed to provide you with a better understanding of this chronic pain disorder that affects millions of people worldwide.

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