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Dr. Jerry E
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Freaking out here had unprotected sex 5 days ago... i know

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freaking out here
had unprotected sex 5 days ago... i know (hangs head in shame)
day 2 i noticed one side of my neck gland is slightly swollen
day 3 didn't notice the neck gland as much - everything seemed as normal
day 4 i've noticed a weird sensation (can't say tingly just numbish/warm sensation?) in my groin area that hasn't gone away.. nothing hurts or just feel very uneasy about it all. i can pee fine (doesnt hurt), peeing a little more then usual but i think it's because im more paranoid, not that i have to really go.
also visually can't tell any difference anywhere .
day 5 same as above, noticing neck glan seems to be swollen.
do i have an std? herpes? freaking out!?
Greetings from New York, this is Dr. Jerry E. I'm so glad you asked this question, let me give you some medical information now.

You should make an appointment to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases. You can do so with your primary care provider or at your local Planned Parenthood.

Your symptoms are indicative of a sexually transmitted disease, most likely syphilis.

Syphilis is an infection that is caused by a microscopic organism called Treponema pallidum . The disease can go through three active stages and a latent (inactive) stage.

In the initial or primary stage of syphilis, a painless ulcer (the chancre) appears in a sexually-exposed area, such as the penis, mouth, or anal region. Sometimes, multiple ulcers may be present. The chancre develops any time from 10 to 90 days after infection, with an average time of 21 days following infection until the first symptoms develop. Painless, swollen glands (lymph nodes) are often present in the region of the chancre, such as in the groin of patients with penile lesions. The ulcer can go away on its own after 3 to 6 weeks, only for the disease to recur months later as secondary syphilis if the primary stage is not treated.

Secondary syphilis is a systemic stage of the disease, meaning that it can involve various organ systems of the body. In this stage, therefore, patients can initially experience many different symptoms, but most commonly they develop a skin rash that does not itch. Sometimes the skin rash of secondary syphilis is very faint and hard to recognize; it may not even be noticed in all cases. In addition, secondary syphilis can involve virtually any part of the body, causing, for example, swollen glands (lymph nodes) in the groin, neck, and arm pits, arthritis, kidney problems, and liver abnormalities. Without treatment, this stage of the disease may persist or resolve (go away).

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for your prompt reply Jerry.
Just to further to that I've not noticed any swollen glands other than on the right side of my neck.

if it is Syphilis is it curable? or am i stuck with it forever?
it is curable But you must seek treatment right away. Here is the course of treatment-

Depending on the stage of disease, the treatment options for syphilis vary as summarized in the table below.

Stage of Infection

Preferred Treatment

Alternative Treatments

Primary infection, secondary infection, or latent infection (for less than 1 year) Benzathine penicillin injection 2.4 million units (single dose) Doxycycline 100 mg orally twice per day for 14 days


tetracycline 500 mg orally four times per day for 14 days
Late latent infection (for>1 year), cardiovascular disease, or gumma Benzathine penicillin G injection 2.4 million units every week for 3 weeks Doxycycline 100 mg orally twice per day for 28 days


tetracycline 500 mg orally four times per day for 28 days
Neurosyphilis (involvement of the nervous system), eye disease Aqueous crystalline penicillin G 3-4 million units every four hours intravenously


24 million units
Procaine penicillin injection 2.4 million units each day with probenecid 500 mg orally four times per day, both for 10-14 days
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for you help so far.
Just a follow up if I can please

is it possible to get checked this soon in (5 days in)? I'm guessing a blood test is required?
Do you think its maybe herpes at all? i'm really stressing about that and heard its not traceable straightaway?
std's can be detected this early. A blood test is the most common way to test for std's. Based on your symptoms, I doubt you have the herpes virus. I am leaning towards syphilis. However, the blood test is the only way to be certain what exactly you are dealing with. Seek this treatment right away.
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