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I have had some symptoms the last couple week: feeling of fullness often, a little bit of

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I have had some symptoms the last couple week: feeling of fullness often, a little bit of loose stool (not unusual for me), I have gained weight recently after having lost alot of weight. I know I have not been eating correctly. No real pain associated with anything. I had my gall bladder removed last October.

Of course I looked at Web MD and see things like Ovarian Cancer, which scares me obviously.

Any ideas what other causes this may be?
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Thanks for your question. Please provide me the following information so that I can address your concern appropriately.

Do you have nausea, upper abdomen pain, acid reflux, heartburn, fever, loss of appetite, tiredness? Any urinary or genital symptoms? Are you otherwise a healthy person? Any other medical problems or family history?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No abdomen pain....I have acid refulx periodically, but usually it is caused by something I ate. I do not have it constantly with the symptoms. no fever when I have taken my temperature, no severe nasuea, but sometimes feel a little queasy. Loss of appetite due to the full feeling, tiredness yes-but not so much that I feel like I can't get out of bed and work, etc. no urinary or genital symptoms. I am otherwise a healthy person, I do on occasion have heart "flutters", and periodically get a rapid heart rate that usually slows back down after a couple minutes. Family history of Gall Bladder issues, but mine has already been removed. Family history of heart disease on my fathers side. My father suffered from irregular heart rhythm. He has an ICD implant.
Thank you for the information.
I am sorry to hear about your symptoms.
Based on your description, you seem to have all these symptoms for a short period. It is a common practice to look for more common issues rather than more serious such as cancer in young patients. Additionally, minor problems are more common at young age whereas cancer is more common in older people. Lets talk about ovarian cancer, in most cases there is no specific symptoms that can confirm ovarian cancer... either people are asymptomatic or present with vague symptoms. Ovarian cancer is more common in older people, those who have family history of ovarian cancer, or those who have history of any other cancer. I don't think you have any of these listed things in your background. A feeling of fullness, loose bowel can be due to gastrointestinal problem or related to gall bladder removal,,,, similarly all other symptoms can be accounted for minor issues. The fact is that all your symptoms are of recent onset and minor causes are more common. However, all these symptoms should not be ignored at all if they persist for longer duration. If you think you have pelvic pressure/discomfort, increase in abdominal girth, along with abdomen pain, then investigation is needed now to rule out such possibilities though less likely. I think if you can make it, then you can have it evaluated and investigated now. A simple pelvic exam and ultrasound can provide lots of detail to rule out such possibilities. I think this will be much reassuring to you and will certainly reduce your stress.

Please let me know if you have any other question for me.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank You! I appreciate your time.
You are welcome!
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