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Tonight my resting pulse rate is 101 and my blood pressure

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Tonight my resting pulse rate is 101 and my blood pressure is 95/66. I take 50mg Losartan and 20 mg Simvastatin nightly. I have just come off of 5 mg WarfarinSodium (last week) for a blood clot in mid-calf diagnosed in April. It has not moved. I have no symptoms (ie. shortness of breath, breathing difficulty, coughing, etc. My blood pressure is normally a little high ie. 130/85. Took my blood pressure tonight because my wife did not because I felt any different.
What are your symptoms now? How long the symptoms are there? When do you normally take Losartan?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
BP now 109/81 pulse 88. Normally take Losartan before bed. Have not taken it today yet.
Thank you for the input.
Though there is definite level for defining high blood pressure , there is no such level for low blood pressure. The normal systolic pressure or the upper number usually is taken from 90 -120 & diastolic is taken as 60-80 mm Hg. The low blood pressure is considered when it causes symptoms. A person may have blood pressure of 90 / 50 but may not have symptom, while in persons who are having hypertension may feel symptoms at 100 / 60. Normal heart rate in an adult is taken as 60-100/ min. Yours is slightly above this limit. If you feel any symptom of dizziness, lightheaded, chest pain, feeling of passing out etc. you need to have a consultation with doctor in ER for management.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
My pulse rate is normally 72-75 at rest, so whereas the range is 60-100, 101 is not normal for me
101 is not normal.
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