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Popped blood vessel in my finger.

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I think I "popped" a vein in my finger today. All the sudden I felt a sharp pain in my left ring finger. I looked at it and there was a blue vein that had "balled " up, then I felt a "pop" and instantly there was a bruise, it was on the inside of the finger. It is sore but not horrible and I can bend it fine. A little history 1. I have immune thrombocytopenia. My counts have been good though for two years, always over 50,000 2. I fell down my basement stairs three weeks ago causing a severe bruise and hematoma on my backside, as well as other various bruises. I saw hematologist for platelet count day after fall (was 87,000) and hematologist said however that more injuries may still reveal themselves. bruise has healed but tailbone still sore. Ever since fall my left hand and arm have been sore and left hand has been tingling.

Well, your friend is only partly right, and that is because there several forms of blood clots that can occur.

In reality, any time there is bleeding, a blood clot will form. If you accidentally cut yourself, a blood clot forms in the cut that prevents further bleeding. If you fall and get a bruise that is visible, it is blood that has leaked into the tissue under the skin, which will form a diffuse clot. It is also possible to get bruising of deeper tissue, but if the blood is not near the skin, it would not be visible from the outside. If there is a larger amount of bleeding, causing a collection of blood that clots, it is referred to as a hematoma.

The type of blood clot that is worrisome is a blood clot that forms within a vein, referred to as a thrombus. This will usually occur in a vein that is inflamed (phlebitis), so the entire process is called thrombophlebitis. If a thrombus forms in a large vein, a portion of the clot can break off and travel to the lung, referred to as an embolus. It must be a larger vein to be a problem. Thrombophlebitis occurs more often in the legs, so is more studied in the legs, and a thrombus that forms in a deep vein below the knee or in any superficial vein is not of sufficient size to cause an embolus to the lungs. Therefore, thrombophlebitis is only worrisome when it involves a deep vein at or above the knee. Similarly, even if a blood clot forms in a vein in the hand or fingers, it would not be of a size that would be worrisome.

In your case, it sounds like a blood clot that would form in response to trauma, such as a bruise. Even if there is a thrombus in a vein in the finger, this would not be a dangerous thrombus, so there is no danger associated with such a thrombus.

In regards ***** ***** if it is "normal" for a vein to "pop," the answer is no, although it is common for a vein to result in easy bruising in person that are more sensitive. While not considered "normal," it also is not considered worrisome, particularly if the episodes are mild and infrequent.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you. Ten hours later, there is still a dark bruise about the size of a quarter. Is this normal?

Such a bruise can take several days to resolve completely, so the fact that it is present ten hours later is not surprising. There is nothing in what you have described that sounds worrisome.
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