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What bad or side effects will Camcolit 400 mg have over a very

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What bad or side effects will Camcolit 400 mg have over a very long period what side
effects can it cause to your body and health
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khagihara :


I am honored to assist you. My answers are for information purposes only. They don’t substitute for a visit to a doctor’s office. Doctor/patient relationship is not established.


khagihara :

Camcolit can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them.

khagihara :

  • Heart rhythm problems including a fast or irregular heartbeat.

  • Thyroid problems.

  • Sickness, feeling sick, diarrhoea, upset stomach, dry mouth or too much saliva.

  • Edema (usually seen as swelling caused by too much fluid).

  • Weight gain, loss of appetite or too much calcium, magnesium or sugar in the blood.

  • Hand tremor, vertigo, dazed feeling, not being able to think clearly, fits, changes of the sense of taste, shaky movements, slurred speech, dizziness, rapid eye movements, unconsciousness, coma and myasthenia gravis (a long term disease characterised by abnormal tiredness and muscle weakness).

  • Kidney problems which may not be reversible. Symptoms may include passing a lot of urine or feeling thirsty.

  • Skin problems including worsening of psoriasis, hair-loss, acne, soreness around the hair-root, itching and rashes.

  • Low blood pressure or Raynaud’s phenomena where fingers/toes are cold and numb.

It is important to have the right level of lithium in the blood because the therapeutic range is narrow. If it is too high, then you are more likely to get a side-effect.

If you notice any changes in heart rate such as a slower, faster or irregular heart beat, you should contact your doctor immediately.


khagihara :

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