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Is Veregen better than Aldara for warts? I have been using

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Is Veregen better than Aldara for warts? I have been using Veregen for 2 weeks. I can send an image. I would like to know if it is working. I think they are spreading...which I assume means it's not working.

DrPauline : Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I am happy to help with your question today.
DrPauline : The information in the prescribing section for veregen only showed a 50percent success rate for complete clearance, and duration of course was sixteen weeks in the trial.
DrPauline : Although it has only been two weeks, if the problem is spreading then you should get a review in person and consider switch to Aldara.
DrPauline : Cryotherapy , freezing would offer a faster treatment with improvement seen after three weeks.
DrPauline : The only problem with cryotherapy is if you have a large number of lesions.
DrPauline : I may be offline when you reply but I will get back to you later

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX the possibility of the warts being inside! Some things I've read say "don't worry about it" others list how their colon was "carpeted" and had to undergo several surgeries. Should I have it checked by a colon rectal specialist...or could this possibly transfer the virus inside?

DrPauline : Anal warts can spread into the anal canal so if the warts are very prominent near the anus, or you have had any anal intercourse then this would increase your risk. So if any doubt then you need appropriate examination,
DrPauline : I would not worry about the examination spreading the warts, the risk is minimal.
DrPauline : I hope this was helpful, do you need more information about anal warts?
DrPauline : I am afraid that I need to go offline but will check back later,.

Thank you, For me to see a colorectal specialist it isXXXXXand likely a month out. These things hurt so much! I discovered a web site called Daily Strength. Wow some people have it so bad. I wonder how many commit suicide from this or other very painful things that they can't talk about. I think that site must help and support people. I just wish that there was a better solution. I am incapacitated with pain. I just woke up from it at 5am and I took half a valium last night. I hope I don't have to keep doing that! I will see a dermatologist on Monday. I can't wait. Thank you again!

DrPauline :

A dermatologist should be able to help you in the short term, and may be able to do a digital examination of your anal canal but if concerned about internal warts then you may need to schedule an appointment with a colorectal doctor which is a bit of a delay.


DrPauline :

I hope this was helpful, please rate my answer if so or use reply.


DrPauline :

Best wishes



FYI - a Proctologist recommended getting the Gardasil for me. She said that it has been shown to reduce re occurrences/outbreaks. However the health dept. would not give them to anyone over 26


Also I switched to Aldera from Veregen. My warts are multiplying under Veregen use.

DrPauline : Gardasil
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DrPauline : Has not been shown to be effective in. Poprulak
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Sorry about that.

So to recap, gardasil has restrictions due to studies not showing any benefit in protection against HPV related CIN changes in patients over 26. The arguement is that by age 26, sexually active patients are already likely to be infected.

DrPauline :
DrPauline :

Doctors can use drugs outside licensing restrictions, however they then take the liability for any side effects or problems. The proctologist may want to prescribe it but unlikely that your insurance will cover it.

DrPauline :

Switching from aldera to veregen has not been successful for you, so you should consider a return to aldera if this has shown results before.


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