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Dr. Robert
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Im having pain in my upper right leg. The worst is at night,

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I'm having pain in my upper right leg. The worst is at night, if i lay on my left side. I can best describe it as a burning sensation, which if i put a heating pad on it, it feel better. If i am driving for any period of length, it again bothers. About three months ago, i had an xray and was told that i don't show an arthritis. I'm a stage four colon cancer survivor, having had a part of my colon re sectioned and half of my liver out in May of 2011. I finished chemo in Dec. of 2011. What could this be?
Welcome to , This is Dr. Robert, I'm so sorry to hear of your discomfort.
I am going to assist you with your question today, First, I need a little more information:

Do you have pain in only right leg?
Have you noticed swelling or discoloration in right leg?
How long has this been going on for?
Do you have tingling sensation in right leg?
Are you taking any pills?

Kind Regards,
Dr. Robert

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Mostly in the right leg, a few minor aches in right ankle and left elbow, and this has been going on for some time, but has gotten worse the last few weeks. I don't have swelling, but if i have my feet on the floor while sitting the lower legs can turn more of a purplish color. I'm only taking calcium with vit.D, acidophilus, mutli. vit., and colace.
Thanks for providing the additional information.

Well, there are few possibilities for your symptoms. Common causes are-
-Imbalance of electrolyte levels in body.
-Thyroid disorder- Hypothyroidism
-Peripheral artery disease.

To make a diagnose, you need to undergo few tests ,these are-
Complete blood count, Blood sugar test, Thyroid hormone test, Ultrasound of legs. Also sodium, potassium, and calcium levels in blood should be checked.

For the time ,you should take vitamin B complex supplements as this may help to manage your symptoms.
Use a cold pack to relax tense muscles, and this will help in relieving pain. After this use a warm towel or heating pad later if you have pain or tenderness, or you can take a hot bath.
Also massaging the leg muscle will help in solving the problem.
You should gently stretch your leg and move your foot towards your knee, until you feel the calf muscles stretch.This will relax your leg muscles.
Also you should formulate an exercise routine and ensure that you build on it gradually.You should avoid alcohol.
Your doctor can prescribe you with muscle relaxing medications.

There is some underlying issue, and with tests, the cause will be evaluated, and you will be advised management accordingly.

I trust I've helped, and please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.
Best regards.
Dr. Robert

Please let me know what more information are you looking for.
I am ready to help you in all aspects till you till you get complete satisfaction.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
i am wondering about blood levels. My red counts were 14.6, but my white counts are 1.38. Would this factor into what might be going on? The chemo did a number on my white counts, and i had the neulasta shots after each chemo. The doctors at mayo were happy with all but the white counts and are hoping with time that they come up. They told me to take a mult. vitamin. I don't eat foods with sugar, but do eat a lot of fruit, and fish, and veg.
Do you have Red blood cells count as 14.6 ?
Have you undergone electrolyte level test?

Kind Regards,
Dr. Robert

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
no, not to my knowledge.
In healthy females Hemoglobin count range is 12.0-15.5 grams/dL
White blood cell count normal range is 3.5-10.5 billion cells/L.

In your case white blood cell count is on lower range, as cancer treatments can cause low blood cell counts, this number will slowly increase with time. Yes, i agree with doctors at Mayo, that you should take Multivitamin.

Electrolytes transmit electrical impulses necessary for proper nerve, muscle and heart function.Imbalance in electrolyte levels will cause pain in leg especially at night.
You should get blood test done to check electrolyte levels.
You should increase foods rich in sodium, potassium, calcium or magnesium , as this may fix the problem. Also Therapeutic massage on affected parts may be helpful. You should also drink plenty of fluids.
You should take healthy foods such as fruits, milk products,
eco-friendly leafy vegetables, nuts, parmesan cheese, eggs.

You need to go for electrolyte levels blood tests.

I trust I've helped, and please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.
Best regards.
Dr. Robert

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