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I have had a chronic cough for past 6 weeks with a lot of

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I have had a chronic cough for past 6 weeks with a lot of clear salty nasal mucus in my throat. It is especially bad at night when I lay down and have severe fits of coughing,
trying to clear mucus. Have tried a puffer, nasal spray, gargling but nothing seems to help. I had similar problem 6 months ago and had medication and medical xrays which indicated I'm ok apart from ethmoid sinusitus. Should I go back to the specialist ?
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I'm sorry to hear about this, do you have any medical conditions or take any medication?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Other than this wretched cough and sinus problem I am quite healthy.

The only medication I am on is thyroxine for low thyroid. Blood pressure ok, fairly

high cholestral (have had for past 20yrs) but have never taken medication and

I also eat a healthy diet, fish, salads, fruit with a couple of glasses of red most

evenings - no junk food

Okay, these symptoms seem like you may be suffering from acid reflux, which may be why the symptoms are worse when laying down. I would suggest you ask your doctor about starting a proton pump inhibitor like prilosec for a period of 10-14 days to treat this
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I'm on the last couple of tablets of Ozmep for reflux and I don't see either

lots of tablets (nexium) earlier this year, have shown any real improvement.

I've had a cough since last November with only a short respite a few weeks

end Feb and March. My immune system may be low as I went overseas for

1 week end of March and came back with a tickly cough.

If those don't work, it may be a sign of sinus congestion, which may benefit from trying an allergy medication like loratidine.Allergies cause postnasal drip which is the most common cause of a cough. Severe cases of allergies may require prednisone. If zyrtec does not help and you require prednisone, I think it would be wise to see an ear , nose an throat doctor for sinus endoscopy, where he will be able to pass a camera into your nose in the office ans see your sinus cavity in real time
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Sorry I forgot to mention the ENT specialist I saw in December also prescribed

prednisone and I did have the camera treatment and he prescribed what I have

already mentioned plus I had head xrays which picked up the ethmoid sinusitis.

I see, then you may need to return to the ENT and also get a CT scan , if you have ethmoid sinusitis again, you may require prednisone and antibiotics or a prolonged course of allergy medication. You may also have developed polyps since then causing an obstruction
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